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My two cents.

Haven’t lived here for a while but write every month for The Holland Times and always read about the country.

I think the PvDA-GL will end up forming the government, maybe with CDA, the Niuew Social Contract if there polls keep up, a liberal party and if we’re lucky maybe a socialist party.

VVD are still polling well but ten years in charge is a long time. And while I didn’t agree with Rutte on policy and he was happy to bang the culture war drum when it suited him (see his pre-George Floyd views on Zwarte Piet) you can’t deny he was a good prime minister in a technical sense. He was just good at the job. He also has the largest forehead in the history of humankind. Not relevant but an observation. And I’d be surprised if the VVD can win this election without him, it might be just too soon.

The farmers are an interesting one. The Dutch system allows for single issue party but this is on another level. I can see them taking votes from Wilders/Baudet because it seems that climate change policies are being tied together with more social issues and backlashes. Basically clean air is woke now.

Wilders seems old news now and Baudet is a moron and FvD aren’t polling great. Which is obviously good. Will be interesting to see how the war plays into this election given the Netherlands national myth (delusions) about Jews, Resistance and WWII. Wilders has obviously been tweeting awful anti-palestine stuff.

But yeah it seems all up to play for to me. I just really hope we get a more left-wing government, excluding the grand coalition (which is arguable whether that counts) there hasn’t really been one since the financial crash. But I’m obviously nowhere near as informed as people who live here but I still do love the Netherlands.


With just over a week to go, this is what the most recent polls are showing us according to Ipsos today. In brackets the change vs the current parliament.

Government parties

VVD 19% (-4%)
D66 6% (-10%)
CDA 3% (-6%)
CU 3% (no change)

Far-right opposition

PVV 11% (no change)
FvD 3% (no change)

Left opposition

PvdA/GL 15% (+4%)
PvdD 5% (-1%)
SP 3% (-3%)

New(ish) centrist/populist parties

NSC 17% (+17%)
BBB 6% (+5%)

The rest

Another 5 parties 9% (-2%)

It looks very much that voters will be moving from one centrist party to another, with the left and far-right voting block largely unchanged. With two new entrants in the centre, forming a coalition government is expected to be even more difficult than last time, when it took 272 days.

General election is next Wednesday (22 Nov)


Borgen really was a cracking watch.

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gonna end up with PVV in government aren’t we

By all accounts Wilders (PVV leader) has done exceptionally well in the televised debates of the last few days, shying away from most of the extremist rhetoric he sprouted at previous elections.

However, if the polls are to be believed, the three biggest parties will be VVD, PVV and PvdA/GL, and there is no possibility of those 3 forming a coalition government.

Every other combination needs a minimum of 4 parties to agree and form a majority government. Many of the possible candidates have said that they wouldn’t govern with the PVV under any circumstance.

Election Day!

Polling stations nationwide opened at 7:30 AM - earlier in some places such as commuter train stations - and will close at 9 PM (8 PM in the UK).

13.3 million people are eligible to vote. Turnout is traditionally high, expect it to be around 75 to 80 percent.

Exit polls will be available soon after the close and usually they are very accurate.


Allemaal veel wijsheid gewenst vandaag!

Bit late for that, I voted two weeks ago!

*Alle anderen

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Yeah today is the day. BBC article today are suggesting that VVD will form the goverment but for the first time that haven’t ruled out working with Wilders with the caveat that they won’t allow him to be PM.

If Wilders wins it will be a big deal within the EU and the Eurozone. The man is a lunatic. He might not be quite the actual idiot that Trump is but he’s still properly dangerous. Even if enters some form of goverment at a low level, I think it could represents a big change in NL politics.

Come on PvDA-GL!!


Feel sick

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Still hope that NSC / VVD refuse to go into coalition with them but not holding my breath. So fucking depressing whichever way you look at it. Ugh :frowning:

I can’t believe this is happening

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I absolutely can. I love this country but even by British standards my colleagues have some of the most casually white supremacist attitudes I’ve ever encountered, can’t imagine what it’s like out in the sticks


What does this mean in terms of an outcome? I’m woefully ignorant of the various parties/coalitions…

Also their Islamophobia has been entirely normalised by the VVD
not many people I loathe more than (future NATO Secretary General :face_vomiting:) Mark Rutte


There’s a sad truth to this but Wilders!? Surely he’s a joke that has been losing impact and popularity for years? It wasn’t that long ago that D66 got more votes than expected and he’s still the same fuckwit without any other members of his party who exists to be a contrarian. I’m just shocked at HOW much bigger his lead is in the exit polls.

I can’t believe these fuckwits believed his sudden more-moderate persona that he’s been pushing this campaign. I’m so fucking angry right now.

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It’s going to be PPV, VVD & NSC in a three-party coalition, isn’t it? Absolutely fuck that.