Duvet help


hello team, i need some advice/help etc. I have a duvet that i’ve had for ages and its not great and i believe its causing me to sleep poorly now.

what are you using and what might you suggest. I tend to overheat at the best of times so need something relatively light.


We’ve got a couple of John Lewis microfibre duvets. They’re fucking sweet.


I’m an All Seasons person.
Too hot? Go down to the 9 tog.
Still too hot? Get down ot the 4.5 tog.
Getting cold now? full 13.5 tog!



Get separate duvets for you and the tv. This is one of the best things we ever did.


They seem to do this in scandi crime dramas a lot.


And they are usually having affairs too


Yeah I don’t think I can be arsed with that, but I’m up for trying the duvet thing.


How about killing your mate’s daughter?


just the duvet thing cheers.


We do this. My TV has a super thin one and I have one that’s much thicker.


Never understood where pillows and duvets come from. I’ve never bought any. Come to think of it, where do the beds and settees come from? Must just sort of inherit them. Some of my pillows are probably 10-15 years old. They must be. They don’t smell or owt.


Spent loads on a proper duvet (10 tog) but was always too hot. We binned it off after a month and got a 4.5 tog wafer thin Primark one for £15. It’s been a dream. We use it all year round now as we both like to be cold when we sleep.


I’m with you beefburger, spend your money on mattresses and pillows.


Note: we have a foam mattress topper which is naturally quite warm which may explain why we can get away with an incredibly thin and cheap duvet all year round.


Same! I bought one of those 4 season ones @meowington mentioned upthread and he has the thin part and I have the thick part.


Is that not just too much duvet in the bed tho?

also what if you want a little cuddle? Do you have to go under their duvet or do they come under yours?

I don’t feel I could make the bed look nice with 2 duvets on it.


Never too much duvet

Can also confirm that there is no cuddle hindering whatsoever

Yeah maybe our bed does look a bit messy but it’s totally worth it


@ghostpony this 4 seasons ones look good.

I have a double duvet and Mr SSH has a single. I make sure the bedding matches and it looks fine what with all the cushions and that on top as well.


We had a pair of duvets that clipped together a while back - A super thin one for the height of summer, a medium one for most of the year, then you’d attach the two together for when it was really cold. It was a great idea, and I wish I’d thought of it.


Another duvet tip - get a duvet one size bigger than your bed, and then there’s never any complaints about stealing the covers.