Duvet Tuesday


If only! The wind chill has made it -23 today. My walk to the bus almost made my nose fall off I think.

How are you today? Stay warm, friends.

Just the Stats, Maaaaaaaan
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Hand audit

Not the weather for walking tours is it? Yet this week I have three of them.


Not looking forward to doing the school run - still feel like shit.


Haircut today.
Nothing else.




Wearing a top that looks like Christmas. Snow day likelihood on Friday dropped to 60percent rather than 100. Not impressed.


Stuck on a tram. If we’re still here in ten minutes i might get off and try walking to work. That’s a ridiculous idea right? I probably won’t do that.


Just received the call - no school!!!

Will have a little sleep before doing some #workfromhome

  • Battling the BEAST FROM THE EAST
  • WFHing from home

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There’s no snow here. So irked


West Central Scotland update: Probably cold outside but no snow.

0% chance of snow day.
High chance of the students I need to see today choosing duvet life.


just off a 9hr flight which was preceeded by a 3hr flight. still got one to go. it might be getting cancelled. yay.




U still got shorts on?



Where will you be stranded?


Lay in bed for twenty minutes trying to justify working from wfh today, but I think it’s a stretch. Rubbish.


the cycle to work will be chilly is my report




Snow! Black Metal playlist commute!