Duvet Tuesday

that london. false alarm i think, must have been an earlier glasgow flight that got cancelled

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This. But I’ve been out since wed morning so it probably quite cheeky if I don’t go in.

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Morning all.

A mere light dusting of snow in Walesland means I’m going to work. Posting this from the car while I psyche myself up to walk in.

Make sure y’all wrap up warm, y’hear?


If you do get stranded let me know, can crash with us if needed.


T-shirt weather out here. Probably going to go find some bubble tea and salt and pepper chicken in a bit.

No proper snow yet here in deepest south Devon. Had a little bit yesterday but it wasn’t up to the job of staying on the ground. Only day off in 14 today so spending it going to various furniture shops ahead of moving house and applying for jobs. There’d better be Burger King involved at some point.

Going into work - I can walk and the office is much, much warmer than my house.

Also this cold snap has brought back my horrible hand eczema, so I now have the hands of an 80 year old :older_man:

lightest of light dustings here, so no issues getting into work sadly. trains are on time and everything, weird.

today I get to make a website I’m building at work look worse because the person I’m building it for insists they know best. they don’t.

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Sat in a hospital waiting room. The person carrying out the test hasn’t arrived yet. FFS.

Today I have a call with someone who thinks they know more about patents than I do, despite only occasionally coming across them in their job. Looking forward to it.


No snow. Not even that cold. Nice and sunny!

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No snow here so going into the office. Just as well because i left my laptop at work instead of bringing it home as instructed in case of bad weather

Today was the first day in a week where I haven’t had to be on a call at 7am or earlier. Slept until 7:15. Such a treat.

No snow at all here in E4 but as I’m a remote worker there would be no such thing as a snow day for me anyway. Supposed to be going to a gig with a pair of ATDs at Cafe Oto tonight so fully expecting TFL to have a full cold-weather collapse in the meantime.

Opened my car door this morning and loads of snow fell into the car onto my seat. Fine. Stuck the keys in the ignition to get it heating up while I scraped snow back out. Idly flicked the windscreen wipers to with the door still open, which threw a bucket of snow into every nook and cranny of the door.


On my way back from the gym. Went to the station in my kit, including shorts, to discover the trains were having a duvet day (starting later, now compounded by overhead wire problems and loads of cancellations).
Tl;dr: left in shorts in sub-zero temperatures. Totally japesed myself.

No snow here and the snow can fuck right off cos I’m heading down to London tomorrow and o canny be fucked with any disruption

hope this turns out like that netrunner dweeb that refused to shake your hand


Good luck pal, hope it’s all good/no news.

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Just prepared THE SNOWMOBILE

(Old hybrid bike with snow tyres)


remember laughing at you last year for getting snow tyres. was thinking of getting some this year

just haven’t ridden my bike at all instead

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