Duvet Tuesday

Ah, following my approach to bike riding.

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hi beast from the east and etc


Science bod on the news reckons you should wear more thin layers than fewer thicker layers

  • That’s true
  • Get stuffed, science!

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can I vote for both options?

it’s clearly better but i cba wearing 4 things

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Trap insulating layers of air innit.


what is a big layer other than lots of fibres anyways? doesn’t the air get trapped in the fibres? eh science? what about that?

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Even though it’s -1 I can still feel the first stirrings of hayfever. Life is cruel.


Already said I’m working from home tomorrow so am on my way to the office today.

Hoping Thursday/Friday can be a snow enforced wfh day.

Meant to be playing football tonight at 8pm as well - it’s going to be bloody cold if it goes ahead at all.

On the way in. Quite like an excuse to be late and leave early so I’m fine with the beast.

Feeling really ropey still and now have a cold so we’ll see how long I last.

Gonna be late again, whoops. Still going to get pret breakfast on my way though, natch.

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I’m swithering over a pretfast myself. what’s their best morning food option?

Personally a big fan of the egg and tomato baguette. The veggie bap thing is good but too small really. Or porridge I guess.


Disappointed to awaken and still see green outside my bedroom window. Hauled myself out of bed and into the office rather than WFH. I wouldn’t have gotten away wtih that.

Definitely got the beginnings of a cold coming, throat is tickly and have a thicker head than usual. Bleurgh.

Hope springs eternal for a blizzard overnight.

Someone punched me in the back at the stairs at Paddington :smiley:


He flipped the bird at me the other weekend, too!

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Seven almond croissants.