Dynamo 2020


This guy seems to make the impossible, possible!

He looks impossibly alluring in 2020.

If you’re asking me for my opinion it’s that he is a magician from Bradford

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For today he is a man.

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Dunwich Dynamo 2020

Who’s in? I have a coach ticket booked but I suspect it will be cancelled :frowning:

is that really him? looks middle aged and scandinavian

has he got his head stuck? magic your way out of that sunshine.

He looks older with that beard

Dynamo Lights 2020

Just got mine installed on my commuter in time for the clocks going back on no longer commuting! Money well spent.


I heard him on the Off Menu podcast and he’s quite sweet really but how such a charisma free man became a successful magician I will never know.

One of the best things about Dynamo is when he does a magic trick and you get to see him doing it on the telly or on stage

Looks like his trick worked!

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The greatest trick the Dynamo ever pulled off was [insert one of his tricks here] didn’t exist.