Just catching up in the first episode. Very much enjoyed the main chimp being called david. Hoping Attenborough’s just gone ‘fuck it. Im 92, im in charge, im calling ALL of the animals david’

Motherfucking penguins tonight!!


You don’t have to watch Dynasties
To have an attitude


Just watched the first one. Incredible footage and love how bloody human they are.

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I’ve seen tonight’s episode. Is it really ethical to be forcing penguins to wear human dress and work in carwashes?

The footage of the rain was stunning

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Had no idea the female chimpanzee displayed like that. Almost as unsubtle as the human male erection.


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Baby thieving penguin bastards


Bit of an emotional rollercoaster this one!

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Probably too warm in the middle of that big penguin huddle, eh?

Thought I was bored of penguins as they always bloody feature but that was excellent.

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Will da beast would be a really good shit name for a dj/rapper