E-cigarettes in public places

Interesting article here encouraging the government to allow for e-cigarettes to be used in more public places.

Could have a positive impact on smoking rates but likely to be pretty controversial.

I don’t mind as long as they’re scentless. Would rather smell fag smoke than a fucking gigantic cloud of sickly synthetic cherry.


Do they do ones that smell of weed? They should do ones that smell of weed.

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youd have to be a right old prick to think it would be fine to vape on public transport. fucking stuff knocks me sick


They should have a vape carriage on trains and everytime someone gets off they are dressed like their favourite singer.


They are vile. Even apart from the sickly sweet scents everyone uses, i don’t want to breathe left over nicotine


Just ban all nicotine products, people would get used to it. No-one would be sad enough to buy illegal fags.


On a train just have a crafty vape in the toilets for a bit. No problem.

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Couple of guys at work vape at their desks! One of them is a GP.

People used to vape in my office, not sure if any official policy was formed but it seems to have stopped in the last year or so.

bang their faces into their desks

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well you could just get a weed vape, but that would also involve having to get and smoke, well, vape weed.

It’s weird - it doesn’t actually bother me all that much. But I’m old and used to sit next to a guy that smoked actual fags at his desk, so I obviously have very low standards as to what is acceptable in the workplace.


You think? People buy illegal/black market fags already.

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Not to mention prisoners and such like in that there America where tobacco is banned.

Yeah, because they’re cheaper. You’d imagine if the government outlawed cigs then the black market prices would rise.

Or just tap someone up who gets loads of fags/tobacco in from abroad. This is very straightforward.

Yes, I’m sure there’d be enough supply from Bob who goes to Spain twice a year to satisfy an entire country’s nicotine requirements.

I only skimmed this article earlier but the mention of reducing tax on the products interests me. I’m an ex-smoker turned vaper and it’s almost as expensive a habit. They should do more to drive down the cost of e-juice, whilst also making it more controlled a la off licenses so there’s not bootleg shit in every market.

Allowing it on public transport though. No.

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are you honestly arguing for prohibition? in 2018?