E-on - twats

Let’s just leave it at that.


I like their current “We’re really nice, honest” TV ad campaign.

I might be switching from them soon cos they put their prices up (sorry if this isn’t just leaving it at that).

I have just left them and gone with Scottish Power. It’s a long way for them to pipe it but they seem to be willing.

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If you think E-on are useless, wait til you deal with Scotch Power. Inept bunch of cunts.

I’d have left them if it wasn’t for the fear of having the same fuck up happen with another supplier.

You may be surprised to learn that there is a surprisingly large market for home-knitted “Zingy” toys:

You may also be surprised that this guy has a name and that it’s Zingy.

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I’m not surprised you know that you corporate shill


dunno anything about e-on but great thread regardless

Shut up, please.

I went from Scottish Power to Eon. Scottish Power are notoriously terrible.

Oh no…

Yep, absolute dicks they are.

I think they’ve been hammered over poor service, so they might be better now, who knows. They’re all dicks anyway.

I’ll be changing again in a year anyway and cancelling my DD as soon as I do.

The Scottish Widow lady was one of the early formative realisations of an attractive woman for the young Tone, do you think that Scottish Power and Scottish Widows are related in any way?

Wasn’t she Roger Moore’s daughter?

We’re not all related (it was probably poor service from Scottish Power that directly led to the death of the Scottish Widow’s late husband).


If true this is huge.

This is astonishingly niche (and seemingly accurate) knowledge, well played mate