Does anyone use an e-reader these days (lets be honest, I probably mean Kindle because who’s using a KoBo or Nook)?

Been thinking about getting one recently because I’m reading way less than I used to, and I feel like a pocket-sized gadget like a Kindle might help with that, just for having it there and being available, rather than some big hardback sat on my bedside table which I forget to take in my bag for commuting.

£110 for the a Paperwhite (with a backlight) is a bit spenny though, the bog standard is only £60 - would I regret not having a backlight?

NB: Yes we all know Amazon is evil, we can have a separate thread for that though.

I used my Kindle all the time when I had a train commute, have barely touched it since which is disappointing.

EDIT: And you would regret not having a backlight IMO

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I have one and I love it. I’ve been a fusty old “nothing will ever be as good as an actual book” naysayer for years, but I got a Kobo last year and I’ve never read as much as I have since.

Sometimes I go to read and remember I don’t have a backlight and it’s a shame but then I remember regular books don’t have backlights either. Be good if they did though.

got a kindle voyage, it’s great. prefer it to actual books #dealwithit

if it was waterproof it would be the perfect device.

I use my Kobo quite a bit when on the tube.

Whatever you go for, definitely get one with a backlight.

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do you listen to your zune while reading?


I still use my 11 year old, iPod touch.

Was reading in bed last night thinking I wish the light was a bit brighter… probably makes my argument for me…

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I had a Paperwhite and I loved the backlight… but I broke it and replaced it with a standard Kindle and I haven’t been bothered by it since.

Just use the Kindle app on my phone/tablet.

Tried reading on my phone but I can’t hack it, too small, too fiddly, too distracted by other things. I did have a tablet (a super cheap Amazon one) but it didn’t really do anything my phone didn’t (and in many cases did them worse) so it’s just gathering dust somewhere. Yay technology!

I’ve had a Paperwhite for about 6 years (Maybe? Pretty much since they came out anyway). And I’d definitely recommend that model if you can spare the extra bunse @hip_young_gunslinger

I tend to use the library more these days but still use it every few months. I’ve noticed the battery is pretty bad now though. Has anyone replaced one? There’s a decent looking place near me which might do the job.

I am currently reading a heavy hardback book. Every time I pick it up I go “I wish I had a kindle” then I remember my dad gave me an old Kindle but i’ve not used it. Should I use it? Yes. I will try on my next book.

Whats the backlight situation? Wouldn’t it be like having an ipad? I’d worry that’ll stimulate me too much and I am a delicate soul.

I got my paperwhite with backlight for a lot less than that. You just missd Prime day, you prune!

I haven’t used one but apparently the backlight is very gentle and natural and nothing like the glow of a computer / tablet screen.

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Yup, got an old school non-touch, non-backlight Kindle. Does the job fine; I can see why people like having a backlight, but I don’t regret not spending the extra for one at all.

Tend to buy around 2 or 3 kindle books for every paper one I get these days and probably read them in that ratio as well.

I know, but Amazon were very inconsiderate in not planning Prime Day around when I was going to get some bunce for my birthday.

Hmm. That may be for me. But I don’t want to use Amazon all of the time!

Fucking Bezos prick! I think they have deals on it every so often. Argos too and maybe JL.