If you mean the books, you can convert nearly everything to the right format on a computer. Piece of piss.

My other half has had a basic kindle and a paperwhite, and she adores the paperwhite and says it’s worth every penny

(even though it was me that bought both of them for her)

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I’ve had a Kindle Fire for 5 years now. Works really well and you get them for under £50 I think (!?)

Do you like it? I have a Kindle Fire tablet, always thought it was pretty duff. Slow, Amazon’s own browser and stuff are useless, the battery life was terrible. Always ended up just using my phone instead.

I’ve only ever used it for reading books. It does that well and the battery life is reasonable. No idea about the other features!

I spend so much time looking at a computer or phone, don’t think I could a book on a tablet screen.

Kindle’s been a godsend for me. Reading paperbacks one handed gets to be a real pain (literally sometimes) especially if they’re big thick ones (ooer) and as I’ve been reading the Malazan series they are pretty big (just started vol.8 which is 1300 pages)

I got a paperwhite recently to replace my old one that had the keyboard (was still working fine, just fancied buying a new gadget!) and I really like the backlight.

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Just got a bog standard kindle (the newer small variety, but no backlight. wish I’d gone for a backlight- sometimes I end up reading on my 2 year old’s kindle fire, poor wee soul, it’s always running low on battery because of me).

Just pulled the trigger and bought the Paperwhite! Currently £89.99 on the Evil Amazon, thought I might as well. I look forward to appearing in the cheap e-books thread.

Mentioned a few times, but always worth another:

Out-of-copyright novels that have been properly edited and formatted to be nice on ereaders. Love them.


There’s plenty in the kindle store on Amazon which is dirt cheap too - look, here’s War of the Worlds by HG Wells for free: https://www.amazon.co.uk/War-Worlds-AmazonClassics-H-Wells-ebook/dp/B0752ZLG34/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1535016520&sr=1-1&keywords=hg+wells

this sounds good

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This looks awesome, cheers. When I get my Kindle (tomorrow), is it easy to download these - you’re not just trapped in the Amazon store?

I’m a Kobo wanker and it’s easy enough for me - I use the built-in web browser, go to the site, find a book, and download. I think it’s fairly easy to to something similar on Kindles, otherwise there’s some way to download to your computer and send it across.

True, but any that I’ve downloaded from elsewhere - Project Gutenberg etc - tend to be really badly produced ebooks where the text is off, there’s spacing issues, it doesn’t flow properly etc etc. Standard Ebooks take the original text and do a lot of formatting so that it’s actually nice to read.

If you go into your Kindle settings on the amazon website you’ll see there’s a special Kindle email address that you can send the .mobi files you download to. The books will then appear on your kindle

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You can just drag or drop (or I could with my ole Kindle) when it was plugged into a laptop… back when I would pick up books by illegitimate means.