I saw a man using one while wearing a big orthopaedic shoe which I thought was pretty ingenious

And pedestrians!

Just ended up inadvertently watching GB News for the first time ever.

To be fair, that guest wasn’t just chatting shit. She quite reasonably said crack on with summarising the gov trial findings ASAP and then act rapidly on those findings.

On that note, I just turned the TV on to switch to the Chromecast, but it was on Jeremy Vine to start with, and


:grinning: DiS/Wza and terrible telly in glorious synchronisation.

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I dunno, I think it is a pretty big problem with how they are being abandoned everywhere round here. It’s a proper pain in the arse with a pushchair.

You have to take a picture when you park them so dunno why they don’t just do small fines.

People are riding them like clowns but overall it’s been positive round here I reckon.

Everyone has been so distracted by the LTN to give a shit properly though.

Talking of the LTN though; it’s been the best change. Even the busy main roads have calmed down after half a year or so, as predicted.


But my car!

Are you King’s Heath? Wasn’t the initial traffic chaos mainly caused by the main road being dug up at time they started closing roads off?

Shame the cycle lane from Selly Oak to Northfield didn’t get chance to settle down before it was removed.

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They’re doing that here in Wales. Standard 20mph speed limit in residential areas. All the vehicle drivers I know are furious about it, needless to say.


More than half of London Boroughs went 20mph a while ago (except the really shit tory ones like Bromley), and TfL made all roads in the Congestion Charge zone 20mph last spring, which is kind of a bit of a hilarious in-joke really since everyone in London knows that the only vehicles that can manage 20mph in Central London are bikes.

As a cyclist I fucking love it. It makes a real difference and is very noticeable when I go outside my borough (into Bromley).


We had a poorly conceived, communicated and implemented scheme round my bit that was introduced under Covid provisions but was sold as an LTN. Pleased no-one and was almost entirely removed before they even finished installation. Absolute case study in how not to do an LTN. An opportunity squandered and goodwill burnt. :roll_eyes::triumph:

I’ve got a conspiracy theory around this too.

the scooters shut off as soon as you hit a less posh part of town as defined by the zone on the map but if you’re riding out into a posh part you can keep riding really far outside of the zone as long as the area is posh. NO SHUT OFFS the maps are a lie

Having recently acquired a car, I was shocked to discover how difficult it is to actually drive at 20mph. I do really quite like rigidly sticking to the speed limits on the tiny drives I’ve done down to Bell Green and back. There’s always some cunt up my backside clearly irked at the way I’m driving. Even driving to IKEA the other week there were plenty of folk disregarding even the 30mph limits you get in Bromley and Croydon. So many times someone overtook me using a different lane or whatever and then I’d just find them sat at some lights 30 seconds down the road. There’s literally no point in driving any faster round here is there cos the amount of lights etc will always delay you.


Birmingham City Council wanted to do a blanket 20mph across the city but the department for transport wouldn’t allow it apparently.

Let’s face it, even cycling round the outside of Bromley on the main road is a traffic light chore. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for someone who likes driving fast.

20s hard to stick to.

Think my automatic goes about that fast without me pressing the pedal

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Surprised I missed this thread! They’ve been here in Liv since around November now and I’ve been on them quite a lot. They were a good fit with coming out of lockdown in March/April when I was out infrequently for the occasional zip over to Sefton Park etc when meeting up with folks. The cycle paths round there are good. Where there’s no cycle paths I tend to use them in the road but when I come to a tricky junction I get off and walk it over the pedestrian crossing. Now that I’m out and about a bit more they’re too expensive to use frequently - it’s about the same price as a private hire cab. More than anything it’s made me want a regular bike tbh, but yeah overall good scooters :kick_scooter:/10

this is the best part about driving. so incredibly satisfying


Even better when, because of your more sensible approach to the lights, they change to green without you having to stop and you keep on rolling.


I don’t even think it’s necessarily impatience to be honest. I lived in Bracknell for my first job and my housemate had a car. Bracknell is infamously riddled with roundabouts and traffic lights and he just drove everywhere either accelerating or braking all the time. It’s just the way he liked driving. Terrifying as a passenger though.

So aware they use geo-fencing on the rental ones, was at a conference in 2019 where ‘futurist’ Ben Hammersley spoke about how Bird and Lime had to build it into their scooters so the speed was halved in certain richer parts of Santa Monica due to pushback from residents.

He also spoke about how LA had been adjusting regulations and adapting infrastructure (wider bike lanes & parking) due to how successful they’d been. Feels like that will be the lacking part in the UK.

Genuinely think a lot of drivers look no further ahead than the end of their bonnet.