Anyone into it?

I’m not exactly into it, but I do find the whole thing fascinating. It’s like living in a Neal Stephenson/William Gibson novel.

Great long read on The Guardian:

Seven replies, three of which are that still from Homer Goes To College.


Probably more entertaining than formula 1, tbf



I have heard of football manager.


We’re doing something right then!


I find many of the games most popular in eSports to be confusing to watch. Much like American Football.


I’d love to get into competitive DOTA2 watching, but I’ve played 120 hours of that game and still have no fucking clue what’s going on when I watch it.

Watch a bit of Hearthstone sometimes, but it’s just shit Magic, which is itself shit.


i am going to just automatically assume all of your fans are like this person:


Oh boy…


do you battle other DOTA2 fans for seats?


tbf in reality they are probably all like this



Oh boy this thread again!


This is amazing!

What he probably didn’t tell anyone is he was managing a club in the Kenyan League.



Much more fit for purpose tbf


I enjoyed Democracy 3 when it came out - a nice little sandbox to create a socialist utopia in. Although those capitalist cake fascists are complete dicks to deal with.


It’s been done? I wasn’t told off when creating it! Was it on the old boards? How did it go?


It usually goes someone going “neeeeeeerds” then someone questioning how/if it’s a thing, then it becoming obvious it’s just the same as watching anything competitive.


Oh OK.

Well, I look forward to going through the motions!

Not quite sure what side I’ll be on when we get to the “it’s just the same as watching anything competitive” bit as I don’t watch anything competitive, so this should be interesting.