E V E N I N G daerht

Chat here pls

Alright Matt.


going out for dinner to celebrate my sis’s 20 something birthday.

also, anyone seen Irons lately?

Hiya :slight_smile:

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Awright Matt, Rich, profk, AFX, xylo, wr.

On the way to an abortion rights protesr after work. Will write two reviews once I get home but I’ll go to an exhibition opening first and I’ll also watch the Chelsea game.


Think he’s on holiday!

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Doing much? I saw your shit descending cycling mug today. Made me chuckle.

Bout to go to the gym, wish me luck

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This will be my second attempt to go to the local record club, after I went on the wrong day yesterday.


I think we need a new washing machine. Uuuughghhhhhhhhh

I’m still in work, you fud.


I aint doing shit :confused:
Just been to the gym, gonna plays some videogames, watch the apprentice then read a bit in bed.

You up to owt?


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Drinking a beer, cooking up a chicken, roasted veg and sweet potato fries thing and watching the apprentice. Not much really.

Evening Matt, what’s the p for?

I’ve got to drive up to Manchester in a minute and I truly cba. Haven’t properly packed so I’m just shoving stuff in a case.

Good luck @Lo-Pan!

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Not bad that though :+1:

S’alright. Saw a steam train earlier too. Decent day all round.

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Love a good steamer