E V E N I N G daerht


Chat here pls


Alright Matt.



going out for dinner to celebrate my sis’s 20 something birthday.

also, anyone seen Irons lately?


Hiya :slight_smile:


what is UP. meeting a pal at camden assembly for a pint before they head up to see slotface and i run away to absolutely NOT see slotface



Awright Matt, Rich, profk, AFX, xylo, wr.

On the way to an abortion rights protesr after work. Will write two reviews once I get home but I’ll go to an exhibition opening first and I’ll also watch the Chelsea game.


Think he’s on holiday!


Doing much? I saw your shit descending cycling mug today. Made me chuckle.


Bout to go to the gym, wish me luck


This will be my second attempt to go to the local record club, after I went on the wrong day yesterday.


I think we need a new washing machine. Uuuughghhhhhhhhh


I’m still in work, you fud.



I aint doing shit :confused:
Just been to the gym, gonna plays some videogames, watch the apprentice then read a bit in bed.

You up to owt?




Drinking a beer, cooking up a chicken, roasted veg and sweet potato fries thing and watching the apprentice. Not much really.


Evening Matt, what’s the p for?

I’ve got to drive up to Manchester in a minute and I truly cba. Haven’t properly packed so I’m just shoving stuff in a case.

Good luck @Lo-Pan!


Not bad that though :+1:


S’alright. Saw a steam train earlier too. Decent day all round.