E v e n i n g .......................... t h r e a d


<i guess i will start tonight’s thread of fun! if you can read this you are very clever. i have put this in the rubbish board because i can >


i thought it would appear in all caps. oh well

how are you all? what’s fer yer dinner? any exciting plans before tomorrow morning?


Hi cow cow
Got a work call in 20 mins
Just had stir fry and a chocolate brownie (treat, not snack)

Had a shit day at work
That’s it really




For the FAO of @bornin69x


Having stir fry rice for tea. Eating everything up before heading home on Friday.


Good evening :cow2: :cow2: at al
Really want to dye my hair a dramatic colour, used to have it dark on the top and very light brown at the ends which practically looked blonde on my dark skin. It’s a mess rn and my roots are so grown out

Yes that is my younger brother playing runescape in the background


i just struck a match and sort of accidentally flung it so that it landed, still lit, next to a significant number of books.


Also i quite like that new gorillaz song but that fucking pizza slice from the video is ruining it for me I keep thinking of it when I hear the song

This thing!!ffs


got a vegan banana cake in the oven
re-reading a book for my exams
for dinner we r having: some leftover risotto, some salad and garlic bread then we’re gonna eat the banana cake
then we’ll make love


Have been drinking (slowly, though) for about four hours, having eaten only breakfast (about two hours prior) and some easter chocolates. Going to be a great night.

Also, tomorrow I have three GBOLs coming to stay with me and the cats for a couple of days!!! Will be good. Haven’t had a conversation with a human being face to face since Friday, which I’ve enjoyed, but feeling the need to socialise a bit by now.


Sometimes when you’re using srirarcha the taste really creeps up on you


:pizza: :pizza::pizza::pizza::pizza: :beers:


Hey cow cow and others.

Had veg haggis. Got some vegan ice cream in the fridge not sure if I can be arsed having any.

Need to pack to head back to Yorkshire in the morning. Really cant be arsed. Not back at work in til a week on Friday but got quite a bit of stuff to do whilst off including loads of typing.

Probably treat myself to a solitary beer.


Evening 2xcow and etc. Just had some leftover carbonara. Off to see Public Service Broadcasting now in a bit :slight_smile:


What even is veg haggis


Also if @PocketMouse is around: New SKAM, how about it!?



Gonna have some chicken and egg fried rice for tea, heading back home for Easter so gotta eat everything. Then I’ll hang out with the Brazilian until she flies back to London for the week.


Vaggis? (No. No!)