Thanks @xylo for recommending me some really good music yesterday! What a dude.

Just had a nice stir fry, might buy a few beers cos fuck it.

A bit scared that I shouldn’t quit my job…can someone reassure me it’s the right thing to do?

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Evening Bam

I don’t have a crystal ball but based on what you’ve told me it seems like the right thing to do :slight_smile: music is really important to you, as is your mum, and so it seems right to devote your time to these things.

thanks mate I need that right now :slight_smile:

Just finishing a review of the new Austra. Boy did I not like that album.

Going to have a beer and then go to an Ornette Coleman night at nine.

@Bamnan, I don’t know your exact curcumstances but if you think it’ll make you happier then I’d do it. I may not be the best person to weigh in here though, given that I’ve been essentially unemployed for a year now.

I just want to make some music and get thinner. I will do neither if I stay in my job.


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I think I mentioned it before but if your ma gets DLA care, middle or higher rate then you can get carers allowance. It’s not a huge amount but it’s something.

I’m not sure she would, it’s complicated, mental illness etc. We can survive for a while without thankfully

Threw in a really inappropriate Simpsons reference at work today. Some guy in the room I work in was the only one in the room not to be invited to some meeting, and my boss joked that he was missing a really big party. I then said it was the ‘no martins club’. There wasn’t even another Martin attending, so the joke wouldn’t have made sense to a Simpsons freak if there had been one standing nearby.

Wanna die.


Sound advice there from @Lo-Pan.

Evening Bam! I’ve quit jobs and it’s gone both ways - the ones I’ve quit for proper reasons were good decisions and the ones I’ve quit because I was bored occasionally not so good.

You’ll work something out.


cheers keith.

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Ah without wanting to diagnose over the internet it might be worth getting down to the CAB for a chat with them. I’m sure you can manage but there’s no harm in investigating. I think it’s a wise move regardless :slight_smile:

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Might watch some more Rick and Morty tonight. Or as Mrs CCB calls it, Rigor Mortis

just need to make a really great record and get lots of praise on DiS then it will all be worthwhile!

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just a suggestion but if you’re concerned have you thought about asking if you can reduce your hours? more time to care for your mum and make music but still some income and continuity should you need to move to another job in future


yeah it’s a thought for sure!

had a filling this afternoon, just pranging out a bit about wether i should’ve eaten (soft) food while chewing on that side of the mouth

i’m sure it’s fine

same here, really want to leave, go travel a bit, maybe do some learning, then find a new job that i love