E ven ing


Hi :wave:

What’s happening?


Sup FL. I’m about to cook dinner and pack to go to Berlin for the weekend. Mostly just lying on the sofa not wanting to move though.


Just went for a run and bumped into someone I know on the bridge. I’ve not lived in a place small enough where you just bump into people since being in south Wales and every time it happens here I massively overreact like “HOLY FUCK I CAN’T BELIEVE WE JUST BUMPED INTO EACH OTHER… AGAIN!?”.



might order a pizza. might not.


Hope you have a good weekend in Berlin!

What are you cooking? I made a very below average tomato pasta (I had forgotten we had no garlic and also no basil, so it was lacking those).


Topping details if you do order please.

I think I am in charge of getting SFPP pizzas tomorrow, I will inevitably be overwhelmed by choice and get some really boring ones :confused:


Home for a pie w/ BBQ beans and boardgaming (then tub)


Still pretty knackered from taking R out this morning and having to carry him more than I would have liked. Probably going to sit in the garden all evening, really enjoying being able to do this recently. I have to water the plants too but not sure I can ba.


I’m gonna do mushroom fried rice I think. Nothing that takes too long!! I want a pizza though.


Listening to Clipse and dancing round the kitchen while I cook a smoked haddock gratin.


If you laminate all the card bits and get some form of flat inflatable then you could boardgame in the tub


Gonna go for a long walk I think


next door have had a pop at me about the garden today.

Feeling a little depressed about that.

Spent the last 5 hours hacking trees back but I kinda feel like trees should be able to grow tall if that’s what they do, being trees and all.

Really hope they don’t moan at me again tomorrow I just want to be left alone



My partner’s atd has come to stay for a couple of nights. Pub garden for a nice beer after picking her up from the station. Now having a cheese and wine/beer/g&t evening. Gonna head to bed early as I was up at 2.30 this morning


Watching cricket highlights… feel asleep at like 8 last night so didn’t finish my book.

Hope to stay awake and finish it tonight.


Definitely still gonna lose game pieces in the filter


On a train. Need to order something for my dad’s birthday quite urgently.

He likes books, Bob Dylan, history, current affairs, things like that.

I’m starting to get really anxious about money and the future again. Don’t think I can handle that plus my various illnesses right now.


Guy behind me eating crisps now too fml


Just tried mixing orange juice with sparkling water. Not too bad


Off to see Ant-Man & the Wasp. Couldn’t make dinner cos a housemate and his girlfriend were cooking properly so I’m just gonna go to Five Guys cos I’m classy.

Also classy: can o’ Gamma Ray to smuggle in :beer: