E. Vening Thread

Featuring pictures of @rob.orch’s dinner!


Can you see it yet?

(because I can’t)


Gonna have a hot chocolate, no other plans.

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Flash flood and severe wind warnings, means work stoppage.


I, for one, had vegan katsu for dinner and quite enjoyed it.

Just did a goodnight video call with R and he was way too excited about bedtime for it being bedtime, but it is his first ever sleepover. So cute :blush:

Going to go to the park with my book and a can :wave:


The Mexican place at the market does take home taco kits. Supposedly it serves two people with three tacos each, but there were three of us and there’s still leftovers for tomorrow. Their hot salsa is :fire::fire::fire: and delicious.

I might go back to the kitchen and eat some more nachos now.


Listening to CeeLo Green.

Cooking up some roasted broccoli, veg type rice and haloumi.

Then it’s more of the Dark 🤷 and sleep early as it’s Cheddar Gorge tomorrow!


There you go @Epimer

Anyway, tonight I’m off to the bar on the beach for beers. It feels outrageous going to the pub on two consecutive days, but they’re both pretty low risk - yesterday we were the first people in at 5, and tonight is all outside.

I’m watching Dr Mrs Epimer on her walk on WhatsApp. Not sure why. Should get back to recording, really.

On my first train since lockdown. It’s alright really, dead quiet and mask compliance is generally high. Missed the trans-pennine views.


i would quite like three tacos

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Well deserved, enjoy! :beers:


Was so looking forward to my dinner (stir fry with leftover hoi sin sauce from the weekend’s succulent Chinese takeaway) but I had a case of the epimers instead.

Bed is here. Can’t wait to jump into it later. Having cheese and beans on toast for tea as I’m 6. Yeah boy!


Sea Lanes? If so let me know what it’s like pls. We’re potentially off there on Thursday

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Will do. I think it’s almost the same setup as before but a bit more spaced out. I’m hoping it’s not going to be too busy on a Tuesday night, but it’s been a sunny day so the beach could still be quite busy.


Hello. Had the absolute afternoon from hell today involving fridges blowing fuses, credit card machines going down and the main weekly food delivery all at the same time as well as all the busy. It’s now Friday night though and that means pizza and cider and 2 sweet sweet days off.


had tea at 5:30pm because we were both ravenous. feel like a child.

put together a cat tree. awaiting the kitty home inspector any minute…