E3 2017 thread (basically, games you'll be playing next year)

So it began yesterday. EA kicked it off.

Microsoft launch Scorpio in a bit. Bethesda are on at 5am UK time.

Then it’s Sony and Ubisoft tomorrow and Nintendo doing their own thing on Monday at 5pm.

Anyone remotely excited?

Watched the big conferences every year since 2005 when I got the internet. Always get excited. Often disappointed. Looking forward to Microsoft tonight hoping they announce some fucking new Xbox games.

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Also just completed Persona 5. Damn kids, that game was dope.


No no no Vamos. They’re games YOU lot will be playing next year. They’re games I’ll be playing in 2020 or so.


Anything good expected or is it all secret?

£450 reasonable?

Really hoping for whatever Nintendo’s online back catalogue store is gonna be. Hopefully some third party stuff for the Switch as well.


Someone earlier this week said that Nintendo will stick to it’s principle of only showing games a year or so from release, so don’t get too excited. But I hope as always they’re wrong.

Metroid please!

Early previews of FIFA on Switch are very polarising. Some say the missing mode is no big deal and it’s a really solid conversion. Another couple of commentators say Switch can support Frostbite so it’s laziness on EA’s behalf.

I suspect we’ll see next to no one supporting Switch this year but, if the system is a huge Christmas a bit or a remaster or two sell well, the floodgates opening next year.

Genuinely not got a clue!

Crossing my fingers for Bloodborne 2, obvs.
Always intrigued by Bethesda although I’m sceptical after Fallout 4.

so tempted to buy an xbox for this one game that will be shit anyway
might just bust out the ps2 and play the real Battlefront 2


Sounds ideal tbh.


Konami have said they’re ‘committed to new silent hill titles’ even since cancelling PT. Basically waiting for the day.

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I think I’m too old to get that ultimate team bollocks, aslong as I can have some career mode I’ll be happy.
Hope it doesn’t suffer from people waiting for the frostbite version they might launch next year.

Any word from EA on any other sports games… NFL/NHL etc?

Scorpio is called Xbox One X.

Their naming decisions are awful…


Not that I saw. Suspect this will be a toe in the water. If it sells, more will follow.

:joy: Jesus wept


It’s a standard series.

Xbox 360
Xbox One
Xbox One X


Much more obvious than

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4

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