E3 (gaming expo) thread 2019 [WARNING: CONTAINS HYPE] -Nintendo win E3 again.

13 is the only one I’ve completed, because I’m rubbish at these games (I’ve played 7-10 as well) but 13 was really easy. One fighting method worked for the entire game.

I mean ff8 is a square enix remaster so get ready for the ps4 version to tell you to swipe right to boost yr gunblade’s attack power

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The withering “right…” to that Ninja Theory developed game kills me

considered buying FFVII for switch but saw they’ve made it so you can press a button to activate cheats at any time. That would ruin the whole game for me

Seeing Yahtzee feels all wrong. He’s supposed to look like a slightly more rounded Google Android character wearing a hat.


honestly don’t know how yous stand these snarky gaming ‘personalities’


total right wing pricks the lot of them

Yahtzee ain’t great by any means but his reviews have had some very anti-Tory/Trump comments in the past

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ok will upgrade him to sneering centrist :slight_smile:

Aye. I’m not sure what his politics are, but in his case he certainly has little time for Trump, Thatcherism or Gamergate. Sneering is probably not far from the mark though - his whole thing is picking minor flaws to our pieces - yet he’s also fair if cynical in his pieces most of the time as he’s an indie game dev himself.

Difficult to handle Yahtzee the character in much more than his 5 minutes a week of reviewing a game though.

Have you ever met ‘limmy’?

Absolutely not what I’m talking about, he doesn’t have anything like that knowing, put on, ‘above all this’ cynicism that the likes of yahtzee and whatever those other pricks posted up there have


Haha of course he does, you just like him more (so do I)

can’t even handle that tbh

Aye, totally fair - no reason anyone should feel they have to. :slight_smile:

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I miss the days when he was known for his indie point and click adventures

I saw a youtube video of some bloke in a hoodie basically reading the Square Enix business objectives for the next financial quarter in an hour long video

Gamers are fkn weird. Genuinely bizarre attention spans

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