E3 thread


where do people get the time to play games for longer than this??


Last Of Us 2 and Death Stranding look great. Hope they’re out soon.


Guess I used to put hours in before kids and the promotion. These days… Yeah, it’s why I love the Switch so much. A 40 hour game takes me over a month to beat on a traditional home console.


got no kids. not really into tv. if my girlfriend is at work i can easily sink a few hours between 7 and 11 in.


she plays games too, so i don’t really face any grief either


I’d always take a game over a film or TV. Always.


i love film. watch them a lot too. but games are my <3


last of us looks fucking great. really like how she was squeezing through little gaps and under cars etc seamlessly, looks like sneaking around is going to be a lot of fun


Arkham Asylum: Spiderman mod is now official then? :wink::wink:


Yakuza coming to PC is a nice surprise. Those games look nuts.


Also: the most unexpected news of the conference has to be From Software making their VR debut with a story about a young girl and a lovely cat. Word is the cat doesn’t have a curiously sinister laugh or even sell you magic jewelry. Baffling.


best current Japanese series on Playstation I’d argue. Just consistently fantastic. Wonderful crime drama (or rather, crime soap opera) mixed with absurdist Japanese humour.


FROM are doing a bit of a PlatinumGames from 5 years back and expanding loads, huh? Hope they’re not spreading themselves too thin and the quality drops.


I am a little worried about that. Platinum games have struggled to hit the heights of Bayonetta/Vanquish since their expansion. Miyazaki brought a singular vision to Dark Souls but does that automatically make him a good head of studio? Can he keep the quality high over multiple projects? I hope so, but we’ll see.


I’m very open to this bc it’s the first time I can say I’ve played a videogame soundtracked by someone I’ve seen play at a pub


Were you at The Windmill show? Was it magic? IAH was magic. She’s magic. Magic.


Hare & Hounds in Birmingham - in the tiny room to (her estimation) “nine people” in 2016, and then again sold out in their bigger room about a month ago.

Both times as you say, maaaagiiiccc


Cautiously optimistic about Death Stranding. Don’t know how long Kojima can get away with being really ambiguous and then announcing that the likeness of Leonard Rossiter is going to play a giant space fetus or whatever.

Some of the synths in that trailer sounded Yamaoka-ish so I’m kind of hoping some of Silent Hills has wormed its way in there.


Different/Gameplay Residential Nasty trailer here

I am excited


Spoiler for the ending of this: The Fat Controller ominously reads from Aldous Huxley at the end of a long railway tunnel while text prompts the player to “press X to gore down the tracks”. Slow-motion cut-scene from various angles of the Fat Controller being torn apart by Thomas’ grizzled train face (in a motion-capture performance by Ron Perlman) and the train is finally free from the tracks that have constrained him for so long in a glorious fade to white and the title card. After a while, it fades to a wide shot of Sodor’s grey / green landscape and we slowly zoom to see Thomas piled up at the side of a mountain – in a final centrist twist to avoid being firebombed by incels or whatever, Thomas realises that being freed from the fascist Fat Controller and his tracks means that he can no longer do anything, or go anywhere. A tear of oil rolls down Thomas’ Ron Perlman and we follow the drops as they fall into the sea, turning the once clear surface black. Roll credits and BING achievement