E3 thread


I was expecting something more along the lines of the RE1 remake, but this is very welcome (though i haven’t played the original RE2 so won’t be able to compare)


Wonder if you’ll still be able to play as giant tofu?



I can picture Ron Perlman as Thomas and it’s perfect/absolutely terrifying.


I really recommend the US PSone version of RE2 on PSN (PS3/VITA). I only played RE2 for the first time during the easter holidays 2010 and goodness me It’s fucking great. So ambitious for the time. If you were fine with the controls in the RE1 cube remake then you’ll be fine.


and cheaper than a 2nd hand PS4 copy


Totally psyched about the Nintendo Direct later, because aside from Smash Bros I’ve pretty much no idea what’s going to appear.

Nintendo have got really good at keeping quiet about most things and revealing them about three months before release. Looking back, it’s amazing that something like Labo wasn’t mentioned at all last year, and crazier still that the year before they wouldn’t discuss the Switch until a few months before release.

There’s some things we know will pop up, but it’s entirely plausible that they’ll say something like “oh by the way guys here’s a new F-Zero that will be out in August” or “here’s a new Pokemon Go for Switch that comes with a wristband that lets you wear your Switch on your wrist” or “we’ve got a new Animal Crossing coming out that you can play through a web browser in limited form and on a full-fledged version on Switch”.

Total fantasy land. Love them.

(Nonetheless, I’m secretly hoping for a GTAV port by the end of the year)


I’ve never followed an E3 as closely as this before.
Watched everything bar Sony (no PlayStation) and the PC Gamer Show (started it but it was SO SO flat).

Most excited for Nintendo this afternoon of course, but really pleased to hear Yakuza will be coming to PC as well as lots of the Microsoft games (Horizon in the UK looks amazing, but not sure my computer will be able to handle it).

All fingers cross for some F-Zero news!!!


forgot about nintendo later. not sure what to expect really. not bothered about smash bros.


they’ve said they’re focusing on this year so I doubt anything new.

smash bros
a few nindies and dates for dark souls etc.
that starfox racing game

I’ve set expectations low and then I wont be disappointed.


Oh and I’ve been watching all the shows via the Giant Bomb commentary, which I’ve been enjoying immensely.

Them, the Waypoint podcasts and yer man Chris Scullion have really got me hooked this year.


What I’d like to see from Nintendo later:

  • Metroid release date closer than ages away
  • pilotwings
  • f-zero
  • a good reason to subscribe online
  • some new zelda news
  • more labo
  • Netflix/youtube

The last two are likely I think but they’ll prob focus on this year. Not too bothered about smash. Might like tennis but we’ll see.


Have lived through so many poor Nintendo E3 shows now that I’m trying to be a realist and hope for one surprise and lots of cool stuff we know about. But the inner child in me is screaming GIMME WAVE RACE YOU LOVELY BASTARDS


Almost the exact same as me. Hope a bit more third party news too.


Someone suggested online recently a game set on Wii Fit’s Wuhu Island where you can fly gliders, race jetskis, and do a Pokemon Snap kind of exploratory adventure. I really, really want this to be a thing now.


Plus fortnite, paladins, youtube and netflix


It’s meant to be available immediately following the Direct, no?


that’s the rumour


I wish it would hurry up and be 5pm already. Love Smash and will likely watch a bit of the Smash tournament (streaming at 10pm).

My guesses:
Smash shown and dated for September to coincide with paid online. At least one new character that will blow peoples minds.
Fire Emblem shown and dated for years end.
Yoshi release date.
Pikmin 4
Whatever the hell Retro have been working on.
A major 3rd party AAA title.
Outside chance of something from the ‘2d’ Mario and Zelda teams.
Something left field like Labo that will simultaneously baffle and delight everyone.

Always worth remembering that last year they did game reveals as part of the Treehouse show following the presentation. Thats where they unveiled Metroid: Samus Returns for 3ds last year. Worth watching for in depth gameplay at least.


Now that Souls is on Switch I hope From have let them have Solaire or the Capra Demon or something for Smash. Or Sif! Sif would fit in perfectly.


they’re hardly going to waste any more time on tennis are they, it’s out like next week and we’ve seen most of it already? unless they want to delve into story mode?