E3 thread


I hope not, and from what I hear the story mode is so slight it might not be worth mentioning…

I just want release dates for the games we already know about, a couple of not too distant releases I am yet to have heard of, and a couple of leftfield semi distant surprises.


And a teeny weeny Capra arena


Complete with annoying bastard dogs who ruin everything for everyone.


smaaaasshhhh broooooosssss

(if its announced as a reskin of 4, i’ll throw my switch out the window)


This is always key with any Nintendo PR.


Forgot waverace, add that to my list.


Can you save the right joycon to send to me pls? :wink:



(Apparently this was really good on Wii)


What time does it go go ‘live’


5pm. And keep an eye on the Treehouse Events after. Always a few gems hidden in there.


Just in time to be leaving the office and on the tube. Underground. With no signal. :slight_smile:


The no matthews treehouse :frowning:


They’re allowed one.


In b4 other matthews try to get in






Almost homeeeee deffo the one im most hped for


Superb username for this.


Here we go


Well up for this cel shaded mech shooter. Looks like Platinum Games? Loving the metal.