E3 thread


Milking this!


Announce Waluigi


Stopped caring about the differences


Great, wii u version but with more characters.

Anyone wanna buy a switch?


They weren’t kidding when they said this was gonna be Smash centric, fuck me


Absolutely ridiculous


Why isn’t this in a Treehouse, so annoying


Ffs, probably worse than I expected


Alien…? Oh Ridley… :sleeping:


Worst e3 press since Wii music. And the main game isn’t even anything new really, last version plus more chatacters


Hate never knowing if it’s a UK date format or not


oooooft. completely underwhelming. cba with any of that. (oh except for mario party really)


What in the actual fuck. Where are the games? Mario Party?? Is that it?


Ridley wtf!

Ice Climbers and Wolf are back, yay :+1:


Actually managed to underwhelm despite my rock bottom expectations


Actually got my wig back on and don’t mind it. Looks as though they’re fixing a lot of what was wrong with 4.

Final smashes can fuck off obviously.


how have they still not announced any DLC for Odyssey??


In fighting games where the rosters are huge you invariably end up never playing as half the characters. Hope they implement something here to get you to enjoy trying other characters. Am going to be a bit annoyed if they don’t mention anything about an adventure mode but not looking likely.


Looks like Waluigi got shafted AGAIN


calm down mate