E3 thread


It went entirely as expected. Still gutted though. No Mario DLC or new Labo. Little third party support. No bonus surprise.

Hope Treehouse yields something else. That was all the stuff the normal Nintendo fan might want. All the stuff this Nintendo fan doesn’t really like.


Was there anything on Metroid 4?


They blew their load in the last direct. If they didn’t announce Smash until now people would be a lot happier


there’s some great looking stuff coming to switch:

. octopath traveller
. sonic mania stuff
. dead cells
. tennis looked cool

bound to be loads of good indie games.


wargroove looked awesome for an advance wars type thing too


There are already a lot of games coming soon that haven’t been touched on during the E3 that were covered in previous directs.

BTW The Octopath Demo out on the 14th will let you carry ur save over when it comes out


Bet you Metroid and Pokemon are shown at the next direct, they seem to make a lot more announcements at those things, probably because it doesn’t get lost in a sea of news.


I don’t get gamers being mad about everything really. There’s fucking tonnes of stuff on every platform imaginable and way cheaper than ever before. There’ll be more games of a good standard than I will ever be able to play in my lifetime.

I get people can’t wait for anything but give me 3 or 4 little things on switch a year maybe one big game, more than enough


People let themselves get way to whipped up in E3 frenzy when it’s clear most publishers and platform holders don’t hold it in super high regard anymore. At least not like it used to.


I basically only and have always cared about smash being good



  1. Microsoft
  2. Ubisoft
  3. Bethesda
  4. Nintendo
  5. Sony
  6. Square Enix
  7. EA


E3 is fun for a couple of days, I think the big reveals are over now anyway but I’ve definitely had enough of it now. Get fatigued seeing so many similar looking games. Open world, post apocalypse fatigue this year.

I do tend to enjoy Nintendo’s shows more as they are a bit breezier and often just show you a couple of minutes of something (smash aside).

At the end of the day though, it’s a corporate marketing exercise, rating PR people and CEOs on delivering their brand is a weird cult thing I’d hope most members of the public aren’t interested in.


That Ridley Amiibo is sweet. Still don’t own any though and doubt I ever will at this point.

Ridley has never been a more blatant Alien rip off than here I don’t think.


bad game for weirdos


seriously though, it’s a great concept and there’s clearly a lot of love in there but it’s just a busy mess to me, doesn’t control well and the UI is terrible. Dragging that slow counter over the character I want to play and picking the stage from a list of 50 in a jaunty angle


Fuck off back to picross!!!


actually can’t because I finished all of the puzzles :frowning:


would be awesome if they had a robust single player mode, like challenge towers motal kombat style or something themed around different franchises with a couple of unlocks to keep you trying. Nice clean progression would do that game wonders.

I guess it’s basically just made for N64/Gamecube owners though so “onboarding” new players doesn’t seem to be their aim



I can’t see anything positive about fire emblem in this thread…so I’m going to assume it’s a port not worth getting excited for.

Not played smash since melee, so I will love it in any case


Fire emblems brand new m9. Looked decent