E3 thread


I’m on the 15x15 grid ones at the moment. I’m annoyed because I gave up on the last 10x10 one because it was too hard for me.


Yeah that’s when it starts getting tough, try to remember to put all the x in to exclude impossible choices. Also sometimes you can deduce some of the “middle numbers” if they are long enough.

Usually there’s one tiny thing you’ve missed but when you find it and it blows the whole thing wide open it’s so satisfying!


Ok watched the trailer, did some reading - smash is gonna be amazing


8 player online Dis battles would be carnage, /awesome.


Love it when that happens, especially if I’ve been staring at the board and idly moving the pointer around for ten minutes.


I will slaughter every single one of you and drink your blood in honour of the ness god


You gonna get Picross too profk?


:smiley: nah, got too many games to get through on switch. Still need to finish botw, play more mario, start Celeste, unlock everything on mario kart, start rocket league


Persona is in the SMT universe but kinda it’s stand alone thing. Not on Switch. PS3 and 4.


Will probs got monster hunter too


Well laaa dee daa!


Well that escalated quickly!
Marth for life!


I want to do all the shrines and upgrade all my gear before smashing gandy in botw.


Fucking marth, man.


Ah I see. As much as they are probably right up my alley (alongside things like Nier, Nioh, Zero Dawn etc.) I won’t be buying a PS4 because a) money and b) Nintendo comes first.


Also fuck fox and falco too. Always made a moral decision not to play as either of them


Thought about buying the DLC for my 2nd playthrough but can’t really justify it. Only really want the thing that shows where you’ve been on the map


More of a Slippy guy I’m guessing?


Like to mix it up and play as Olimar or Shulk.


Who is the best smash brother?