E3 thread


Me, dude


I said smash not smashed mate



Lucas/ness, pikachu main. Alt Luigi and DK for Shabbs


Not like a Star Fox reference to fall on deaf ears…


I just play link because he has a sword and I know who he is


Never played the star fox games. Got one of them on GC but sold it because it sucked


I think Link is the professional go-to player


For anyone interested in Smash I recommend documentary series on YouTube called The Smash Brothers. Crazy how serious people can get with a game like this.


All of my mains are low-mid tier, fam


Oh dear :frowning: who is the cool contrary one? Shulk


Both GC games sucked. So did the Wii U one, I believe, but mainly due to controls.

Starfox and Starfox 6…sorry, LYLAT WARS, were great


Shulk is great :grinning:


Well xenoblade chronicles is the 2nd best game on wii so I agree


Whenever I play someone who chooses a fire emblem character, my reaction is ‘so you’re a weeboo huh’


Played xc2 yet?


And what of it?


Nah it looks horrible :frowning:

Lost faith after X was so incredibly boring


Imo it’s 'great. Each to their own of course. Really got its hooks into me.
It’s no picross mind.


Think it’s was a real effemeral time and place thing with the first one, amazing music, huge levels nice great vistas, art style gelled really well with the limitations of the wii and the story ended up being gripping.

Outside of that context I don’t feel the format is that great repeated as by todays standards the interactions with the world and npcs and monsters seems pretty flat from what I’ve seen


Glad you’re loving it though :slight_smile: