E3 thread


Idea for a football/starfox photoshop effort:
Andross Townsend. Floating footballers head spewing footballs while being attacked by Arwings.


Ah so if it’s 4-1-1 then once you know where the 4 is, the 1s are just separated out by a single blank?


Nah it’s more like the sequence is always 4-1-1 so you know the four comes first (top to bottom/left to right) so like if you get the first one on the edge in from something else you can safely fill it up to 4 etc


This may have been obvious to everyone else but for a while I was trying to work out any permutation of the numbers and wondering why I was so shit at the game


The gamecube game was meant to be a new IP but they changed it into a Star Fox game on the 20th hour


Missed it in the news, but apparently Fire Emblem and Yoshi are delayed to 2019.


Was Fire Emblem delayed until 2019? Thought this was the first release date we got.


According to a journalist I saw on Twitter yeah. Originally supposed to be end of this year. Yoshi is a bigger shock tbh.


Amateur! I’ve played it for 55 hours now. But I do enjoy going back and trying to get lower times on the levels I initially struggled with.


going back to the 5 x 5 grids and smashing them out in 15 seconds is hilarious to me somehow


Yep, it’s bonkers going back to the super easy ones now! Shame there aren’t any bonus downloadable games. I’m sure they gave free bonus downloads on the DS version. Ah well!


I mean it’s kinda barebones and probably the least exciting sounding game ever but just does it’s job so perfectly, plus that smoooth nintendo jazz is perfect for thinking to.


Had no idea there is a Just Cause 4 coming - this is great news!


Justin Causeablancas


I’m going to level with you… I thought Just Cause had already got 5 games in the series and released.


Faster Dancing Blade on Marth/Lucina/Roy will be nice - seems that the idea overall is to get things that aren’t used to be useful. Also hope that Ness and Lucas have their B moves looked at, they’re crap atm.

Hoping there are some buffs for my man Kirby. Bit of extra speed or power, less lag on his aerials, tether grab, super armour etc


i’m excited about fallout 76 now after getting more details on it from other interviews/noclip doc. you can get mutations and some of them are visual. i hope you can turn into a ghoul


Ghoulout 76





also give me this in my face rn

when do we move all this shit back into the normal gaming thread?