Ear gunk

oh don’t get me started on this stuff

If my partner had this in their ears, i’d be all over them


fast forward to 5:17 for the real satisfying bit


no i dont think i will


only if you want to compact it into your ear.

with a bobby pin you can scrape away without packing it down

with the homemade watergun you can syringe your ears without waiting for an appointment for it

This sounds like a really good idea.


Don’t shame me nipples

oh go on you should

I use one of these ear syringes sometimes. Always oil my ears a few times first. Seems to do the job pretty well.

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This is now the cycling thread


*Reggae cycling thread

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Is that what an earhole looks like? Fleshed over but with lots of little holes in it? I don’t think it is. There is nothing normal about this disgusting man’s disgusting ear

I think they may be old peircing holes which have become home to some gross ooze.

Yuk. The filthy ears of an utter degenerate

wtf is that shit ?!


Find these some of the most satisfying videos on the internet



More gunk anecdotes please

I got my ears pierced at uni, and stopped wearing them in my early 20s

20 years later the holes are still visible, and I still regularly squeeze white goo out of them

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This was an unexpected bonus.

I’ve had the bile shites before, it’s definitely when you’re horribly polluting your body. I bet you turned your arse all but inside out straining it out too

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Was getting a load of minor ear infections followed by colds and it was pissing me off. Went to the doctor in France when I couldn’t speak any French and he syringed my ears without asking me.

Out of each ear he pulled an absolute mountain of wax. A bit like that bit in Shrek where he pulls the wax out of his ear and uses it as a candle.

Just turns out I’m a waxy man. Sometimes I’ll just wake up and start showering and a big lump of wax will fall out of my ear onto me and I don’t understand how it’s grown into a sizeable ball overnight.