Ear gunk

fucking hell mate


Take it to the bum gunk thread

This thread is horrific

  1. Stop drinking so much
  2. Change what you’re drinking!
  3. Possibly see a doctor

This really doesn’t sound too good


You’ll end up with severe haemorrhoids, take it from me. I’m having general anaesthetic surgery on my arse on the 4th march cause its a disaster zone

Ah, the ol’ Rockfords. Bane of my life.

This is why, in my grandparents day, or so I imagine, olive oil was only available at the chemists, not the grocers.

Can imagine this being a thread from 2007

“Shit out a load of bile stuff” has mildly done me

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I got water in my ear during a shower the other day. My hearing was really weird for the ages, until I turned my head sideways and whacked my head on the other side to get the water out. I must have looked really weird doing that in the Co-op.

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No. no no no no.

I’m confused, my headphones are smaller than my elbow, can I still use them?

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yeah just don’t put them on the dinner table


I don’t get why you can buy in-ear earphones when you’re not supposed to put anything in your ear. Surely they’re worse than a cotton bud?

(Also they are the work of the devil and never fit in my ears anyway)

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In-earphones irritate my ears horribly (and, further to my post upthread are covered in wax whenever I remove them, which is just a bit grim tbh). That said, they don’t leave anything in your ears. The problem with cotton buds isn’t really the size but that bits can flake off and infect your ears.

Isn’t it because they don’t go far enough in to damage anything? The worry with buds is that you jam them so far down there you pierce your ear drum, or the end breaks off and can’t be retrieved

jfc. sounds like your liver is fucked tbh, stop drinking and go see a dr today please

this fucking thread

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GP told.me to do this. I went completely deaf for about 5 days. It was an absolute nightmare.

This thread is great, it’s a return to the good old days. I was really pleased to see a story about someone pooing themselves but I would agree a doctor visit may be in order. I’ve had 3 different doctors fingers up my arse in the last 6 months but it’s led to me getting it all fixed in the end

Was it filippo berio? You can’t just wang any old olive oil up there

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