Ear plugs for gigs

Anyone wear them? Can you recommend any good ones? Reckon it’s time I started looking after maself so I can continue to enjoy this wonderful thing we all love called music well into my later years

ER-20s. <3


^this is what I use

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Really, really should but I’m stupid and lazy and don’t deserve good health.

after every gig, I swear I’ll get them, finally getting my arse in gear

Yep. Like @colinzealuk says. Don’t even bother getting anything else.

I have a pair of these which I have literally never put into my ears, I kind of think the act of owning them is in and of itself good enough to save my hearing.


sweet, seems like these are the gold standard then? problem solved

Swore to myself after Tim Hecker at St John at Hackney last year that I would get some. If anything I’ve just stopped going to gigs :cry:

Get the fancy ones by all means but don’t go to another gig without earplugs.

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These are amazing. They also come in different sizes. My ear canal’s are SUPER narrow so the smaller kids ones are a dream.

Mogwai gave me tinnitus as a teen, which got worse in my early 20s after I didn’t continue with earplugs, but since using them - it’s stayed the same. Which is manageable.

I didn’t realise there were other sizes, the ones I bought are too large for my ears and are uncomfortable.

I’ve been using cheap 3M rubber ones like these for years.

I bought some for Mogwai a few years ago. I haven’t been to a particularly loud gig since then so I’ve not used them much.

I got a pair of these after seeing Lighting Bolt at the Luminaire and f**king my ears for about 3 days.

Well, probably did permanent damage, but the ringing went on for 3 days.

I wouldn’t say that they are the gold standard (moulded ones are better), but if you’re just going to gigs, rather than working in music, then they’re the best bet.

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