Ear plugs (for gigs)

I have some Flare Audio Isolates (aluminium ones) and they were great at Primavera this year.

these look cool and i like the keychain, might be my next choice if anything happens to my Loops

32db reduction is huge compared to other models

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I was looking cool af before Blood Incantation recently but then they somehow fell off in my baked state and so not only did my coolness drop i also went a bit deaf.

Still worth it for that brief period though

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How much top end do you lose? The ones I have (which look exactly like the eggs ones) are good, but still noticably take off the top.

Maybe there isnt a perfect solution.

I haven’t noticed any loss of frequencies with the ER20s in my years of use, sounds just the same but with the volume turned down.

just arrived, cool little package (very Apple)

will get their first outing at Modest Mouse tomorrow. Didn’t feel like they did all that much just putting them in at home tbh? But I’m sure they come into their own the more they’re tested, rather than me just wandering around a quiet flat. Kinda wish I’d got the mutes too just to offer more flexibility but ah well - literally anything is better than the crap disposable ones


yeah really good. Comfy, clearly reduced the volume while retaining detail - often easier to hear the vocals and subtle keyboard stuff with them in rather than without them tbh. I did take them out for a few quieter songs or just to get the oomph impact of particular fav tracks, which is something that I think will just inherently always be missing with any ear plugs. Which is a shame, as that is part of what makes a gig good in my head, but well worth the trade off for, yknow, long term hearing damage … and you can still get the physically hit of deep bass or kick drums, so it’s not like the whole experience is dulled at all

could imagine there being models that strike the safety/clarity balance even better but these are clearly good enough to be worth the buy and will happily us them for the foreseeable. And also do look pretty cool as a bonus


Mine are on the way but don’t look like they will arrive in time for gigs tomorrow and Saturday. Glad to know they work though

I’ve been using some Etymotic ETY ear plugs that cost about 12 quid for the last few gigs I’ve been to, but they seem to kill the sound/volume too much if anything. I’d like something that stops my ears ringing afterwards but which doesn’t make the music too muted.

any suggestions?