Ear talk

I have very waxy ears, and they often get blocked and I have to go and get them syringed. This hadn’t happened for a while til recently, and sometimes I wake up with one ear blocked and have to shuffle things around in there til it unblocks again. Probably need to get that sorted.

My ears stick out a lot.

Tell me about your ears.

didn’t use earplugs for years and years of loud things and my dad is deaf in one ear which is hereditary. ahm fooked.

I also have tinnitus - it’s probably more mild than I deserve it to be because I haven’t taken enough care of my ears in the past.

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My ears are tiny and I increasingly have to trim the hair in them.

I have mild tinnitus from before I started wearing earplugs to gigs. Nothing too bad.

Plus point: they help to keep my glasses on my face.

Bloody love just sticking an ear bud in (probably too far)

Had tinnitus since I was about 4 from botched grommets op :frowning: I’m more or less used to it now (still have to have background noise from an open window or radio on very low) but it was really shit as a kid as I couldn’t really explain my symptoms/thought it was just normal.

ear we ear we ear we fucking go

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you can still see the holes from where I had them pierced - but I’ve not actually worn earrings for about 20 years. Blurred for grossness if I squeeze the holes puss comes out

people who have got those massive loop things done on their ear, like this - how much do you regret it on a scale of 1-10?

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I’ve got two.

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I have tinnitus which hasn’t been too bad for a while. I had a hearing test a couple of years ago (hearing is fine) because I was getting loads of dizzy spells but thankfully they’ve stopped.


Fucking excellent hearing and nice looking ears. I got lucky here.