Earliest memory?


Probably a shit thread,
Earliest I can remember that I’m sure isn’t tainted was going to see the phanom menace so I would have been 4. One that I can’t be sure about is a photo of me when I was maybe 3 when I was making a finger gun at the camera and I was thinking of being James Bond… but I remember that because there’s a photo I guess

So the phantom menace it is


my first steps.


Falling down the stairs when I was 3 or 4. I’d decided to take the newspapers to my dad who was still in bed.


parents were moving house so i had to stand next to my grandma. i remember being in my room, now empty. can’t even remember what the room looked like when it had things in it!

and i can’t remember my grandma’s face but i can remember her hand, which i was holding.

that’s it


Basically everyone’s is a thing they cant actually remember but got told about at some point and then go ‘i know i was only a week old but somehow i remember it!!!’


And in 20 years time all your pet cats and dogs will be dead.


People’s legs at nursery age 3


Mine isn’t actually, not sure if it’s my earliest memory but pretty sure it’s amongst them.

I was sitting on the toilet singing You Are My Sunshine to my grandad who was in bed in the other room. He was joining in. No one else was around and I remember the walls and looking at my legs. He died that week so I’m sure no one told me about my memory - it’s definitely a ‘true’ one. Think I was 3.


That’s such a lovely one, Scout


Remembered something that could be earlier, a teacher in nursery zipping up my coat. I was thinking about Luke Skywalker as she did this


I remember thinking everyone was too loud


Mine is a taste - gripe water. I used to have it on my dummy and would moan if my mum didn’t dip it in the gripe water before putting it in my mouth. Reckon it was the alcohol. Not much has changed.


Paddling in the water on this beach in Mallorca when I was about 2 and a half. It’s hard to know if it’s a memory or one I’ve formed from looking at photos.


I have loads of definite memories. I can remember being lifted up by my mum on the stairs, like when parents go “wooo!” or whathaveyou, and lift their small baby children really high?

also, I remember lots of stuff you only experience as a preschooler very vividly.

also, lots from going on holiday to Wales when I was three and a bit.

like, my first time going on a boat? I wasn’t scared, but my sisters swears I was, and was being comforted by our mum. WRONG. I remember expecting to be scared and then being totally chill.


woke up at 4am once


On holiday in a caravan at Caister on Sea, my Grandpa had come to visit and I remember his Hillman Avenger (red) being parked parallel to the caravan and running up the steps to see him. As I ran up the steps I saw the bright blue bag that contained scrabble tiles on the kitchen table.

I think I was two and a half. Very definite memory though.


Not sure if it’s my first, but my most vivid one was when I was about 3-4. My Dad was carrying me on his shoulders as we walked through Dublin. We walked past a travelling community’s caravan site and I saw a boy who was naked from the waist down pushing another boy on a cart. He suddenly stopped and did a shit on the ground and then just carried on pushing. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen.

It’s become a bit of a family story hence it sticking in my mind probably, but I can even remember the coat the half naked kid was wearing - a puffy navy one with a red band and a 70s style collar that stuck out, almost like a flight jacket.


Not the very earliest but nearly drowning on holiday somewhere, I’m sure it was in a big rubber ring going down a sort of slide in seaside town,


Earliest memory, not first album


Sub thread, earliest non memory (stuff you did and only know about it because you were told).

We were on a plane (I’m not sure if we were still at the terminal or were taxing) apparently I was going ballistic and screaming to the extent that we had to get off the plane.