Earliest possible Wednesday morning thread

I’m happy. I think I’ve finished the cover (and title) for my book. Very nearly there…

What’s everyone up to today (Wednesday)? I’m working, like some sort of dickhead.


I’m on a mix of trains and rail replacement buses post smashing pumpkins. Tired

I will be working while my car gets MOT’d and serviced. My boss has scheduled a meeting with me that will mean i won’t get back in time to get my car so I’ll have to try to wriggle out of that. I could have just worked from home but i hate working from home

I am at work.

It is a humid day here in Melbs and the customer environment I am maintaining for dev purposes appears to be in state of sadness.

Insomnia checking in.

Day off. Bf is in Belgium and just text me good morning, forgetting that I’m off today and he’s an hour ahead :joy: my own fault for having him on the night mode exceptions list :joy: back to bed please!

Flu jab this morning. NO JAB CHAT.

Thursday filth is tomorrow, mate. :wink:


Flu jab for me today.

Off to London for a meeting. Hoping that my boss doesnt join the train in the same carriage as me. Cant cope with early morning boss chat™

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Everything is grating on me this morning. Geezer next to me eating a banana and talking on the phone, often both things at the same time. Just sounds foul.

At least I have an early finish and see the kids tonight, parents evening at school too which is a great opportunity to do the old ‘What HAVE You Been Doing!!!’ gag.

bad anxiety today unfortunately.

Never mind

Nice easy trip to Reading for me this morning. I’ll just quickly check the trains before I set o… oh

Tired of life


Terrible traffic getting out of B-town this morning, but for no particular reason. Ho hum.

My cold is almost gone, just a little bit of a cough now. This makes me happy.

Gig tonight, but I haven’t bought a ticket yet.

Today is the first of my three The Child free days this week.

I’m going for a haircut in a bit, then might try to finish HZD. I’ve stupidly signed up to play football with some strangers at 6.00 on the other side of town, so that’ll be inconvenient.

Just started the UAT phase for my big project. Next two weeks are gonna be extra hellish.

Where are you off to?

going to have to look through some old drawings today that are in german, and a quick glance shows they have several instructions to “weld during erection” / various references to erections etc so that’s going to keep me mildly amused all day i think

morning all

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i saw that “cold war steve” thread and thought that was going to be it

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Extremely tired. Have a half day to see films at LFF, the first of which is 188 minutes long.