Earliest possible Wednesday morning thread


people who drive for a living are generally the shitest and most self entitled of them all


i mean obviously ROAD TAX DOESN’T EXIST but for fucks sake, people need to learn to drive

i don’t even really care about phone use, it was a quiet road, fine, but stopping IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD being totally unaware there’s other road users behind you and being a twat when being called out on it is such shitty behaviour


I like to report those pricks to the company if I take down the name.

Then I immediately feel bad cause I imagine they have kids to feed and losing their job would mean they’re homeless or something


Fucking hell an out of town Sainsbury’s at midday on a Wednesday is bedlam.


The organisation representing cosmetic plastic surgeons’ acronym is BAAPS.




I’m so sorry.

Good spot.


What on earth does this mean


‘Oh no, it’s Wednesday. You’re bored. You check your phone - you’ve just received some excellent spam! You are no longer bored!’


I am getting my hair cut at a place where they play bling era rap stuff. How has my life ended up like this


I LOVE jack’s flight club and tell all my friends to sign up! We got three return flights to Japan for less than £730 for all three through his emails. It’s amazing!


The new drinks machine in the gym us deeply unsettling.


this is amazing. it looks Ballard wrote it


Committee sounds like a good idea - I’m sure you’ll be ace :slight_smile:

Hope you’re feeling less dizzy and sick now


Properly laughing at “Mother’s powdering her nose”


A kitty on my fiddy.







Oh god sorry! :smiley: laughing even more now
Can you send Mother regards from all of us here at drownedinsound please?