Earliest possible Wednesday morning thread

I’m with you gp. My GF is a very active sleeper and usually wakes me up around 3am, after which it takes forever to get back to sleep. Would love an unbroken night’s sometime soon.

My contact in another department is back from illness THANK FUCK. We were in the dark for a few weeks there.

Learned ‘The Winner Takes It All’. ‘I Touch Myself’, ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’, ‘Psycho Killer’ and ‘A Girl Like You’ at practice last night. This gig is going to be silly fun.


A child asked me if I was a footballer on the way to work today.

Struggling to work out whether he was complimenting me, as I have been working out at the gym a bit more recently to be fair, or whether he was trying to drag me as I’m wearing a Colombia’s home shirt today and he felt I needed knocking down a peg or two.


So’s mine. She’s away three nights this week, so naturally I’ve been staying up past midnight drinking bourbon each night thus guaranteeing a terrible nights sleep.

Enjoy all the food carts in Portland. And the doughnuts.

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Did you hear about the gullible kid from Truro who got mixed-up with the wrong crowd and peer-pressured into joining in when they went shoplifting. When it all went south they all blamed him. He was a Cornish Patsy.

Joke brought to you by 29 who is currently eating a cornish pasty. From a shop in hampshire.


Just been to watch some Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple which was cool. Had a vegan banquet with the monks that was absolutely delicious. On the downside my cold is so bad that I might even skip dinner - that’s when I know I might be really ill.


Ooh I want to go to Portland. I was eyeing up cheap flights just yesterday.


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I slept from about 11pm to 3am then was awake so managed to put a load of clothes away and sort out the spare room a bit and cuddle the cat.

I want to go to Portland as well.

There’s cheap flights??? Where?

Username/ post

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Weird morning. Went to a meeting at R’s preschool and volunteered to be on their committee and not sure if that is a good idea.

Then dropping R off with his dad and had to stay with them a while and go into the supermarket with them and it was mildly traumatic call back to the way he used to be with me. And to compound the uncomfortable past raking up I am now on the bus I used to have to get to work sometimes. Feel dizzy and sick, stress ate a load of junk to try calm down which was a mistake.

Do you ever get those Jack’s Flight Club emails?

He emails cheap flight deals.

They were a little cheaper yesterday but still only about £340 return.


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Flipping heck, this is amazing. Thanks for the tip-off meow :heart_eyes:

Had a friend over for a couple of weeks from Portland in the summer and am dying to return the visit sometime next year.

Do it!!
That’s a good email to sign up to cause he links directly to the google flight page and it’s already filtered so you can see the deals.
I’m just keeping my beady eyes out for cheap Vietnam flights for Feb.


It’s like as if DiS founded a city


Literally just doned it!!



My neighbours just sent us a note telling us not to slam doors.

The note was on a cat card. Mixed messages, neighbours.