Early adopter bitten on the bum thread


What’s your worst?

I bought the first iPad which was out of date in about 8 seconds and then unsupported after about 12.


Windows Vista… never again


Can all the lads who bought a Nintendo Switch please like this post.


As it’s Thursday, if this doesn’t take off can this thread become the biting people on the bum thread.

I love biting an arse, me.


Not sure why I’ve replied to you, eric.

Your arse is safe with me.



I’d rather other people get caught out first.


A bumble bee bit my bottom :bee:


Great reference.

Fucking love that show.


But you still enjoy being caught out, just at a later date?


what show is it?


Don’t worry, you wouldn’t like it.


Freaks and Geeks.


definitely not a sting?


It’s a reference I neither get nor want to get



It’s a kid showing disgust/distaste in a TV show.

It has nothing to do with me biting bums.


Eh, I think I’d know if sting tried to bite my bum.


he’s a very tender lover i believe


although you wouldn’t know it from that picture of him