Early adopter bitten on the bum thread

What’s your worst?

I bought the first iPad which was out of date in about 8 seconds and then unsupported after about 12.

Windows Vista… never again


Can all the lads who bought a Nintendo Switch please like this post.

As it’s Thursday, if this doesn’t take off can this thread become the biting people on the bum thread.

I love biting an arse, me.

Not sure why I’ve replied to you, eric.

Your arse is safe with me.

I’d rather other people get caught out first.

Great reference.

Fucking love that show.

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But you still enjoy being caught out, just at a later date?

what show is it?

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t like it.

Freaks and Geeks.

definitely not a sting?

It’s a reference I neither get nor want to get

It’s a kid showing disgust/distaste in a TV show.

It has nothing to do with me biting bums.

he’s a very tender lover i believe

although you wouldn’t know it from that picture of him

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I had an iPhone 4 with the whole droping calls/ put it in a bumper/ you are holding it wrong thing

It wasn’t as bad as people made out really - I had it for ages

can’t get enough of it