Early Adopters To New Forum - Get Upgraded


Who would like an account upgrade?

Please do one or all of the following and I’ll consider you for an upgrade

Subscribe to the DiS Podcast http://dispodcast.tumblr.com/ (every time we jump into the iTunes charts it gets a massive boost!)

Set up a £1+ a month donation to help keep DIS going (the new server bill is going to be over $200 a month for just the forums, and still getting quotes for the rest of the site but it should be considerably less than it is currently) http://drownedinsound.com/news/4150371-dis-forums-to-close

Enter the Ed Harcourt competition on Instagram to win an amazing signed Ralph Steadman piece of artwork and signed albums and stuff (or just give his album a listen) (or even buy a copy) http://www.edharcourt.com/

Follow my management company on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CCCLXmusic/


Can I just get one anyways?


i’m already subscribed give me upgrade (whatever it does)


Turns off all the posting limitations and possibly other stuff, like being able to use bits of code.

I can’t just see one page of what settings each user gets.


I’m not on Facebook.


I get the podcast through a podcatcher, not sure how I go about rating / reviewing it


You’ve already got level 2 access :smiley:


I like that Sean posts a lot more on this forum. It’s nice seeing the big boss man around. You’re awesome, Sean! :heart_eyes:


Yeah good to see you seemingly a lot more positive and upbeat about things in general since the campaign and launch :slight_smile: Hope the transition works out well.


will still jag the podcast if I can




The big selling point is totally the ability to edit a couple posts a day :slight_smile: Wonderful for someone such as myself who has clumsy fingers at the best of times.


Followed your management company and have been subscribed to the podcast for a while- I’ll leave an iTunes review next time I’m on it too, because I’m nice like that.


Subscribed to the podcast and I think I already send a donation…


teacher’s pet


Enjoy it while it lasts.

(I found a lot of communities get reigned in by The Man being around, as it were, so I tend not to post as much for that reason)


Done. Upgrade the shit out of me.


Thanks Sean :ok_hand:


Is there a way to change username? I’m still getting my bearings with this place.


this is fucking mental