Early banal

Right now are you more tired or bored?

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That’s all I’ve got, you’ll need to entertain yourselves from this point on.

i’ve got a cappuccino from caffe nero and it feels like a massive luxury

Best high street coffee chain for actual coffee. Glad we agree.


We do agree.

I’ve eaten so much today. So, so much. Feel like a haggard bloated mess of a man.



I have narrowly avoided the lemon curd doughnut that’s in the kitchen right now, having had a jam doughnut at lunch.

But it’s probably going to sit there all day, because it’s the last one and people are incredibly British about that here. I don’t think my resolve will last that long.

Banal? Haven’t even had lunch yet mate

can someone remind me to make some cold brew tonight when i get in? thanks.

I’ve got a yoghurt and a cheese in the fridge that I absolutely must remember to take home tonight.

Had lunch, taking a break from packing. Wife is watching Real Housewives Of Atlanta and I’m pretending I’m not being thoroughly entertained.

Waiting in the docs for a new patient health check. Already prepped all my white lies.

At twenty past two?! You’re a disgrace, leafs.

I feel a bit sick and generally disgusted in myself but I would absolutely go to town on a lemon curd doughnut right now.

Just do it. Accept the inevitable.



How many units would you say you drank in a week?

Been driving since 12 innit

I would have agreed with you
But I had a coffee from there the other week out of sheer laziness and it was rank.