Early early Wednesday morning

Morning! :wave:

Not sure what the weathers like today cause it’s still dark :confused: Been up since 4.30am (thanks mini s_w) and WFH today so it’s gonna be a long day. :zzz:

Anyway, how are you? Plans for the day? What’s for breakfast? Etc etc etc.

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Morning SW! Today is my Friday, so that’s good. Looking forward to a gig tonight as well

Morning. Child’s asleep in the spare bed and I’m waiting for her to wake up. Managed to tiptoe downstairs and make a coffee and sort her lunch for nursery but I could do with a shower ASAP (my underwear etc is in the bedroom but my partner seems to still be asleep?!).

Standard Wednesday. Work, tone and stretch class at lunch. Might try and also go to the gym but I probably don’t have enough time today.

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Wow what a dull post.

Ooh I think we have a couple of parcels arriving today.

Was gonna maybe work from home but…my laptop is my locker at work so off to work I go

Alright. Got a future resource planning meeting today. All day meetings; yay.


Double booked myself this morning so got to sort that out soon.

Tour this morning for some naughty kids, weather looks bobbins though. Then straight over to uni. Wont even have time for a bowl of Scouse on arrival. Criminal.

Morning team!

I’m technically online all day with the graphic designers but they’re a week away from final deadline so I imagine most of them won’t want to talk to me.

I’ve got to try to sort out a potentially very difficult change to my timetable today and I’m already quite stressed about it.

I might drink some nice coffee and will hopefully spend some time playing computer games after I’ve cleared some marking.

Daughter’s lost her second tooth in the space of a week

Pretty careless imo


On the train to work. Think it’s my most productive time of the week tbh. Feet up for the rest of the day imo.

WORK (to make up for a nothing afternoon)

Then just power through to pub quiz night

Dev Patel Fight GIF by TIFF

Showdown with my boss today


Trying my luck in the Smile presale and then having a little intro with my new colleagues

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Today im getting an aero press.


Woke up early and tidied my dresser. Am starting to become the sort of person who wants to tidy/clear out one bit of a room each day to keep it all happy and it’s making ME happy. 25 years old me would be smhing his hands

I’m sat in a meeting at the bank trying to renegotiate my mortgage

I’ve taken out my phone to pretend to be making calculations but really I’m posting this


Sold out noooooo

!discobot what should BITT’s next negotiation point be?


Why is it a beautiful day when I’m stuck in the office? It’s one of those “good” autumn days that those people who think that autumn is the best season try and convince us that it’s like every day from September to November. My leaky roof is proof to the contrary, but I’m going to try and get a bit of joy from today anyway.

But - CMAT tonight!!! Dead excited about that. Meeting two top tier dissers for beers beforehand too.

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