Early Easter Evening

Yeah yeah I know whatever taps clock.

I’ve had a weird old day - found out my flight home was cancelled at 10.26 this morning. Cue frantic call to Loganair to get it rescheduled. Now going home (hopefully) tomorrow at same time.

Think I might get myself a takeaway to make up for the sads of being a day late home. Wouldn’t mind so much normally but there’s a big old shindig that I’m now not sure I’ll make, and even if I do I’ll get to it at about 9.15pm.


btw meant to say earlier but a fantastic well done for the largely shambles free AQOS earlier today @sweetbeans we don’t deserve you xx


bored time GIF by Birch Coffee

15m left than 10 days off :blush:


Nice nice

I’ll be home in an hour. Looking forward to getting absolutely leathered and listening to 90s trance.

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It’s really become apparent how many DiSers don’t understand when Easter actually is.

17 days off LETS GO BOOOOYS


Got another slow cooker chicken tikka masala on the go. The house smells great.

Deciding on whether to go to gym and and use the steam room/spa. or download Dragons Dogma 2 and play that. My house mate has been playing it and it looks great.

But realisically I won’t get much chance over the weekend.
Tomorrow - visit family to deliver easter eggs, then my house mates gig in the evening
Saturday - Going to Nottingham for the day for football.
Sunday - Staying in a fancy manor house to do a murder mystery thing.

Felt like I’ve had nothing to do for ages, then a busy weekend for a change.

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Here comes the Easter police


Ordered a pizza.

Fuck yeah



Weird day. Didn’t have the house to myself but did have a pub lunch and do an exercise class.

However I do have the evening to myself!! Toddler only had a ten minute nap earlier so bedtime should be swift. Got some white choc digestives and hot cross buns.


Ooh what did ya bounce at the pub lunch

“southern fried chicken platter”

It was well good but I regretted my choice during my exercise class

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That’s me not in work til 16th April.

Flashing Arrested Development GIF


I just popped out to the co op, and fuck me, it’s bitter out there. Brrrr!!!

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More details plz

Weird day. Feel like shit cause I didn’t really sleep last night plus it was really busy and I work with some incompetent dickheads, plus had to work late to do a tour. Gonna make sausage & mash pie for tea just as soon as I can get out of the chair.

Your friends will know you’ve been travelling to get there and you’ll receive a heroes welcome! :blush:


Still working but have lost focus so will probably give it a rest in a minute

Might do some sewing this weekend

Massive southern fried chicken… breast? It was huge. Rice, coleslaw, corn on the cob, onion rings, some sort of sauce. It banged