Early Easter Sunday

Can’t think of a good punning title, sorry, but it’s far too early for that sort of thing, about 5am which is 4am in old money. Up at this ridiculous hour because I’ve got to get to the airport to spend all day on a plane, so no eggs for me this morning. On the other hand there might well be an airport pint in about an hour so you win some, you lose some.

Hope you all have a lovely day!


Good Night Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


Morning all!

The Child woke up at 7.00 which is actually a more acceptable and normal time than I’m used to.

Happy Egg Day!

Morning. Would like to get up and go for a bike ride but I spent 2-3 hours in the night lying on the floor of my daughter’s room so I’m feeling really fresh this morning as you can imagine.

Couple of local events going on today; Winkle Street duck race and an Easter egg hunt down at Freshwater Bay so maybe will do both. Depending on this bike ride I should be doing :melting_face:

The bank holiday disaster continued at midnight as my partner started vomiting. Got about 3 hours sleep as the little one was so stressed hearing it that I spent all night in with him. I’m just hoping he’s had whatever we’ve both had in some non-vomitting form and we caught it from him rather than he’s got it to come.

I obviously will not be lining up for the Kew half marathon this morning and won’t be visiting my 4 month old niece tomorrow. Off work this week and to a friend’s wedding next weekend so now just hoping … some of it isn’t shit?

Sorry, fair bit of whining in the last few daily threads from me. Maybe I’ll be well enough to eat a tiny bit of easter egg later?

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Just got up for some water

I’m in Belgium to watch a bike race.

Wanted to post in the ‘Thread to Post When Your in Belgium’ thread but maybe it got deleted when warny left


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Good Morgen. Having a slice of pannetone with a best before of 13 March. If this is my last message thank you all.

Going to town in a bit with my dad to do some shopping

Good luck man, hope things ease up

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I’m confused that things appear to be open in Scotland today. It’s a different world etc.

Flying back home this evening. A glorious sunny morning here.

This sounds rough. Hope things start to improve.

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Ah no!

Be kind to yourselves and hope you are all back well soon

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Happy Easter to all

Off to my Mum’s for lunch

I normally do a treasure hunt with clues for the kids. They are now 15 and 16 and I don’t know if they say they would do one just to please me :rofl:


  • Get up and write the clues
  • Accept the unstoppable march of time
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Currently we are en route to Prague after an overnight stop in Bad Sooden-Allendorf in Germany. Having a nice time so far, though this cold/infection is still lingering despite finishing my antibiotics so that’s annoying that I’m still feeling a bit rough. Still, going to absolutely make the most of it, paracetamol and sugar will keep me going. :joy:

Weather seems nice here which is a treat! :sunny:


Alright. Kids woke up around 7, so could’ve been much much worse. In laws popping round with a bookcase later, so gotta tidy the house a bit.

Currently making paper airplanes

  • Shorts
  • Longs
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Bear in mind it’s about 7-8°c out, and cloudy

Shorts and long sleeve top felt the right balance yday

Very tired cause of the stupid clocks. Gonna have a lazy morning then go to my parents’ house for dinner. Will honour the birthday of Humpty Dumpty by eating various chocolate goods.

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Bet it’s one of those things that they pretend they’re doing to humour you but actually they would be really sad if it didn’t happen.