Early filth thread for SVD - Sex Toy Edition


Nothing gets me fired up like capitalism forcing people to love.

This thread is brought to you by myself and @laelfy, who will along with any and all contributors be serving up some smokin hot anonymous polls.

Brace yourselves (with some leather and metal restraining gear).


Ha, don’t tarnish me with your filth, this was ALL your idea :wink:


I have owned or used (anonymous poll obv)

  • dildo
  • buttplug
  • vibrator
  • strap-on dildo
  • anal beads
  • cock ring
  • love eggs
  • nipple clamps
  • fleshlights or similar
  • sex dolls

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Male masturbation aids (anonymous)

  • Yes
  • No
  • No, but I read a review of one that said it “ruined blow jobs” for the reviewer because it was “so much better than the real thing”, so if I’m single again I’m buying three of those and giving up on actual human intimacy forever

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hey when a short (or tall) woman is shouting DO IT at me, i’m doing it


Save that for the filt…oh


different vibrators for different… needs? (anon poll)

  • I have no vibrators
  • I have one
  • I have more than one
  • I have fucking loads

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A simple one:

  • I use sex toys
  • I never will use a sex toy
  • I have never but would like to

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and a follow up one

if you use them, how did you get them?

  • bought online
  • bought in a sex shop
  • got other person to buy them for me

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What counts as a sex toy?




actually marckee brings up a good point (wahey)

  • I have used items that are not sex toys as a substitute for sex toys
  • ban this sick filth

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Whatever floats your boat Marckee




*plunders your booty



Something something HotTug™ something.


Yeah, I’ve had partners who had/liked them, not so much myself.