Early Filth Thread/things you really want

This merch from Concordia University

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Too gassy for filth today, thanks

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This is the best but they’ve removed all the good ones :slightly_frowning_face:

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Understandable. Bloating is probably the least sexy feeling :slightly_frowning_face:

Where does the M come from? Should it say CUC?

Michigan, the state it’s in.

Cardinals are just one of the teams

Broncos, Dynamoes and Giants being 3 of the others

Would love a cum giant tee

It’d be GUM no?

No, it’s still Concordia university Michigan, surely?

Unless you’re talking about another university’s teams?

Unsurprisingly a big fan of this

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I’m being completely genuine in saying I want one of those heart sweatshirts

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Are these all bought as joke presents for other people or are there actually people who walk around wearing a hat that says CUM RECEIVER on it, do we think?

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Bugger. Misunderstood and took the c as being from Colts.


Apparently an outsourcing/auto generating issue


Loads have already been removed after basically all only going live and being found by the internet over the weekend

Fuck thanks to that article I just saw the ‘cum wrestling’ hat

And this which is even better


Honestly if I was them I’d just let them keep selling for a week and pretend it was taking a while to get them down. Must be selling like hot cum cakes


Nah they genuinely only just went live and have already been removed