Early Filth

Paper bag over her head so she can’t see me

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It’s lululemon man. C’mon

Unless you’re doing a bit, then I apologise. They used to sponsor a women’s cycling team

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oh i was not doing a bit. i refuse to not put the space in between the words

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Love you :kissing_closed_eyes:

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u wot m8 :exploding_head:

you bet! not like a physical building obv, i am not alan sugar. but yeah, we gots… about 500 students now :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

do you have filth thursdays on SA?

I always slightly worry that people will notice I’m trying to look attractive if I go out of my way to wear clothes that I think might make me look sort of attractive, which is ridiculously stupid



Any tshirt I wear is muscle fit



You looked great in that shirt you had on in one of the recent selfie threads, think you had been at a job interview somewhere fancy?

We don’t! Definitely a point for DiS in that fight

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100% this. Roast Beef is basically my spirit animal.


Exactly how I feel if I wear lipstick.

Always feel better looking in a proper shirt with a collar than a t shirt.

Always feel more comfortable in a t shirt than a proper shirt with a collar.

The constant struggle.


I definitely feel better looking in a suit than in casual clothes. Got quite a few remarks when I started my new job and ditched the old jumper /barely-ironed shirt combo. I think the novelty has worn off though.

Mind you, I think someone eyed me up on the train last night, which was unexpected but nice :slight_smile: