Early hot cross bun thread

Just scored some from M&S. Including the chilli and cheese ones. Considering whacking a Linda Macca’s mzarella 1/4er lber in there.

  • My fucking god, Balonz, you may well have pulled it off!
  • No

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Pretty rubbish.

Will hit up M&Sers to see what whacky flavour combinations they’ve got in.

Just the usual and them. All one bar (which I believe is Scottish for pound sterling) each.

can’t stand em, get the raisins outta there and we’ll talk


I’m with Eric.

thank you @sadpunk !

I enjoy hot cross buns all year round, which annoys my wife enough that I could put it in the annoying your partner thread.

Entirely unconvinced this bears any relation to the topic of hot cross buns.

Loads of them don’t have razzers. Get yourself down spennos.

Got some of these bad boys from work for 50p last night.

Best HxBs out there for me, Clive.


always gonna be some kind of fruit bullshit in there though

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Probably the worst seasonal food item, I think.

Hope you enjoy your Brexit party on Friday night, theexcession.



The cross represents England.

look decent

@kermitwormit bite chart pls.

Sorry to ruin your balonz

She probably splits them on the vertical.


This is the cuzzer buzzer equivalent on the hxbs spectrum man, smh.


Never had one, don’t plan on starting now