Early [Lunch] (pictures encouraged)

What ya having? This puppy for me:

What ya preferrin’?

  • Early lunch
  • Lunchtime lunch
  • Late lunch
  • Lunch is for wimps

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that looks decent m9

Got a box from Itsu on the way home from the doctors, gonna eat it at my desk in a bit

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How early is early?

Early before 1, normal 1-2, late after 2

U ok hun?

Yeah, just had to get my annual medical done for one of my clients as I’m working in-house for them in January

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I am only feeling like chocolate today (period incoming, I suspect).
Going Xmas shopping in a minute and will report back if i get tempted by proper food while out.


Can’t imagine holding out for weekday lunch until 1pm tbqh.

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This has done me

Slim pickings - might go out and get something else

How is 12-1 early?

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That’s a biscuit/cheese ratio gone horribly wrong.


Had three crackers left over. Not ideal but not a disaster either as they’re nice crackers.

Beetroot homous and cress rolls. And one of @laika 's cookies (trying to save the other for when I get a coffee later)

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Before 12 is early

12 - 1:30 is normal

Post 1:30 is late

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Three cheese toastie with spinach.


took me a minute to realize these weren’t pork chops


Are these the M&S black olive crackers?