Early lunch thread

Bit slow on here today, innit?

The canteen menu isn’t looking promising, so if I’m lucky I’ll get a baked potato. If I’m unlucky it’ll be some non-meal put together from various sides and the salad bar.

You must all be doing better than that, surely?

Mate I’ve just had breakfast. Won’t be thinking about lunch for a while yet (I’ve got to remember how to cash a cheque).

There’s some lamb kofta something in the cafe but I might just get a salad. I dunno.

It definitely involves a special envelope, I remember that much.

Fuck knows, it’s been about 5 years since I last had one.


Salami and cream cheese bagel
Bag of spicy tomato Snaps

Bit early mate. I’m on a site visit today so only options are not nice hospital canteen or petrol station M&S. Will almost certainly get my usual of sushi and popcorn.

I made pesto pasta yesterday so got that for lunch today

tried to get some samphire for dinner but no luck. The greengrocer said he can bring me some if i give him a days noticed but that ain’t helpful to me now mate

Clue’s in the title, “pal”.

I cashed a cheque on Saturday. Just stuck it in a machine!

Lunch will wait, got a meeting 12:30-13:30. Sad and angry face.

Stop the press, the meeting’s moved to 1.

Eating at 12. I need plans now…

Can’t involve samphire on this short notice, apparently, so that’s out.

My tajine and cous-cous will be sorely lacking.

Probably just have a sandwich. One of those shit samphire-free ones.

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Also had an absurdly early lunch. Two little baked potatoes, some absolutely fantastic ragu I made the other day, and a heap of peas. Still hungry though :grimacing:

Is that for the Meera Sodha thing in the Guardian?

had some leftover pizza for breakfast so not really too hungry

my body sort of feels like it’s about to fall apart from eating shite / drinking too much. should probably have some vegetables.

Doesn’t it look so beaut?

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Pretty sure I have purchased samphire in 'Bo’s before

Yeah I’m gonna have to get my arse to the big bo’s. I tried waitrose but no luck.