Early Memories of the World Wide Web

In school we had a private Fantasy Football league on Yahoo that was only open to pals. There was a really stupid bit where a mysterious team was entered into the league called Smooth Bricks and it was managed by someone called Ben Brown (named after the newsreader it turned out) who none of us knew and he kept posting details of the other managers in the chat/forum thing and it really spooked all of us who thought we’d been hacked and that a cyber criminal had found out where we all lived and who our parents were and stuff.

It turned out to be an early example of “catfishing” where one of the circle of pals in the league had just created a second account for the bants and I just remembered it and it made me laugh a lot that we were all so genuinely freaked out by it instead of just thinking it was someone dicking around.


Alta vista

Miniclip Snooker


I think this was the first site I visited frequently, about my 5 years ago.


It looks how it looked back then still.

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My AOL chat name was Fireclaw, wish I could forget that

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That rugby league conversion game.

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Virtual Irish Pub - used to visit the chat rooms constantly in 1996. I called myself ‘method man’. Hmmm


When I was 10-11 I used to go on a chat room called Girl Land, my mum would sit next to me to make sure I wasn’t talking to any weirdos. I’m not sure what she was worried about a chat room for children called Girl Land attracting dodgy types for? I remember the website taking about 20 minutes to load :skull:

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Playing connect 4 on the lego website

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Jumpers for Goalposts

Only being allowed on for about 20 minutes a time in case someone was trying to call


i used to click onto the page over and over and over again to get the hit counter up on a/n other page i made

Downloading a single mp3, listening to it and realizing about 2 minutes in that it was just a loop of the first 20 seconds


Web rings
Pictures loading from the top down line by line
ICQ chat
16/f/cali, u?
Winamp skins
Toolbars for Internet Explorer


Trying to watch the trailer for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
Waiting about two hours for the trailer to be even half way to loading, then someone using the phone in the house and being back to square one.

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I made a pretty cool goth character in Habbo Hotel once

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